New feature for the shop scanner: Shopping List (or Favorites)

Let me start off by saying that adding the shop scanner to this game was a fantastic move. I love the thing and use it every single day. It has improved the QOL of the game tenfold for me.

1 thing i’d love to see though, is a form of shopping list or favorites.

I often go shopping for multiple types of items. For example: fossils, hopper eyes and glowing lamella’s. All 3 in different categories. I often scour a good dozen planets for these items. So every time i go to a planet, i have to filter or scroll through to get to these items. In this example it’s only 3, but often there’s many more and it’s a bigger pain. Since i’m on PS4, typing in the filter multiple times is incredibly tedious.

So my suggestion is:

Create a new tab, called shopping list (or favorites). In the knowledge base, there can be a checkbox/button somewhere to add that item to the shopping list. Then you simple switch to the shopping list tab, and you are presented with an identical page, but now filtered by just your choices.

This will make it a 100 times easier to go shopping with a varied list of items. Especially for us poor PS4 players!


I’d also like to be able to have a favorite shops list, sometimes it’s hard to remember whether it was at the corner of 59th and 33rd or 46th and 48th. I know you can just bookmark the location, I’d rather have a separate tab.

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Kind of related, I’d like to go to the shopping screen of an item I’m hovering on. Pseudo-shopping lists in your inventory if you keep one item in there :smiley:

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