New Forges in stock @ The Infiniplexx

This round of forges concentrates on things that last. Grapples and Slingbows came to mind, as I don’t replace those items as often as tools. Working from that, and with the help of some streamers, I found a great Slingbow, and now a great Grapple to have in your inventory.

Tried and true, these sold well before, great damage, great range, and now with a FREE Damage Augment 3 on each bow! Go kill stuff! =D (Priced @ 25k)

New to the InfiniPlexx is the Max range Emerald grapple. Much the same as many grapples you might see elsewhere, with one difference. The Projectile Speed. This is favored over the Reel Speed buff, because when you are falling towards lava… you want that puppy to shoot quickly towards your target. With Max Range, Max Proj Speed, And Max Dura, you shouldn’t have to buy another grapple for weeks. Save your life today! =D (Priced @ 25k)

Also, World Regen Bombs are still available @ 3k ea. Get them while they last!


Good work!

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Added some Blueberry Flavor in the mix:

For those that need an extra meter of range =P

Also put out some Gem Block Changers Priced @ 8k!

Oh no you didn’t… is that a package deal i see?! Lol. Great choice on projectile speed over reel, a life saver even on lower grapples.

Alas i have a pile of my own, but great to see some variation and good theory use! (Not to mention the other advantages of this combo :wink:)

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What i wanna know is how the hell you got 125 tools in the same stack!!?!

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Those are augments, not tools.

Ohh! Ok, im looking on my phone, couldnt see the lil augment pieces in there :wink:

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Picked up a gem block changer to deal with all this topaz! Now I have all this sapphire! Oortian magic

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I got the last of the ruby god bows, cheers

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Awesome! I put another Ruby bow out, I’ll make some more Sapphire as those seemed to go fast!

Also cooking another set of Gem Changer Chisels.

Ever wanted to see a Cuttletrunk explode into goo in one hit?

Introducing the Fist of Doom!:
With Critical Damage every hit, You’ll be doing ~20k Dmg with skills, ~30k if you add a Strength Brew, and it starts getting weird with Focus brews… I haven’t tested that… might be a bit of overkill.

NOT FOR EVERYONE, and for sure, not the only weapon you should carry. I wouldn’t use this for clearing Wildstock from your house. The biggest down-side is it’s weak Durability. I’ve been carrying one, and only pull it out when I absolutely have to kill what I’m looking at… fast. So, I still have my first one after a month of solo meteors. But if you want the maximum possible damage every hit, this is it!

Priced @ 10k


This is a great deal. I’d like to order 2 at 11k each, for storage and convenience please! Able to collect in 28-48h

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We’ll start them cookin! Just lemme know when you wanna collect =D

Can vouch for the ruby bows. Crete is killing it with the forges lately.


I second that

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hes defo a master forger, try as I might I cant get to that level, and a heck of a friendly player to boot, has drained my wallet considerably


Thanks all! This is really what I like doing the most. It’s been so fun figuring out some sweet forge combos, and seeing people actually like and use them!! And rest assured! All items in this post are specifically tailored to be available post-patch as well (as long as it stays where its at on the Test server). I figured I may as well start forging like the patch already hit, as it probably will shortly.

After the patch with the new low level ingredient changes, and flexibility I’m pretty sure I can get Iron tools, with +1800 durability relatively cheaply. Why would you buy one at 100c, when you could get one that lasts as long as 3 hammers for 250c!!! For sure Titanium and Gem… There would almost be no reason to buy a normal tool, unless you are broke, or need one to forge yourself.

My goal is to narrow it down to like around 10-12 constantly available forged items, and re-open as that one place you can always find those items. Then I’ll be able to build!! No more huge wal-mart store to keep stocked!!! I’ll be able to play Boundless again!!! =D


Love the plan! And looking forward to the day where the maze of portals connecting a galaxy full of sparsely populated junk trading stores is gone, in favor of clear portal hub signage leading to stores like you describe.

I reckon there would be a market for lower tier tools. Probably not a huge demand, but ive had plenty of occasions clearing big chunks of land for building on t1’s that a 30k hammer is very wasteful on. Also occasionally travel low tier plants just to harvest a certain colour rock, and again a much cheaper silver/iron AOE hammer that doesnt need the extra damage would be great. Theres lots of things that t6 god hammers are overkill for.

Thats where I use my forge fails lol, no short supply either sadly