New gleam club level with plot bonus during membership?

The suggestion was about earning bonus plots every time you level up with the membership active, I understood it’d be different from the plot bonus %.

Which krasniy already is…

You know what? How about paying a monthly fee with different tiers even where we get a certain percentage extra, say 50% plot bonus. It only works when you spend the cubits while being a member, yes, this can be abused, take 1 month of it after saving cubits, blabla, perhaps make it a yearly sub then for instance.
Each higher tier will give you 50% extra.

It will also give you access, on ALL tiers, to the iron/gold fist AND Wayfarer Totem.

There is a MAX of 200% plot bonus for EVERYONE!

Then PS4 players do not need the Deluxe Edition upgrade anymore, hehe, everyone has the possibility to get the insane +200% plot bonus oortians have and oortians can’t actually extend their plot bonus any further, or heck, perhaps make the max 225% so they still have a reason to pay, hehehe

Please note: this is sooooooo not very serious! :slight_smile:

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To op Def no and to pets really pets for gc I’m starting a pets for all movement also hope one day to change my forum icon to something else
The pants protest still has some members left I belief :joy:

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Yeah, I don’t think Plot bonus would work for something that can be cancelled down the line like Gleam club.

I could be wrong, but it seems like you just have a single internal ‘number of plots’ stored against you character, and then what you actually have access to is that number, modified by your multiplier. That’s how come you can upgrade to the Deluxe edition and retroactively receive the right number of plots, and how partial plot bonuses (10% etc) can still be right all the time.

To add a bonus to an on/off state system, you’d have to update the base number when earning plots during your Gleam Club membership, meaning whatever bonus it applied would then also be permanently multiplied by your account bonus. For me, that seems too much of a bonus with the 100% Master & 200% Oortian backer privileges.

Maybe make 200% the cap so those who dont have 200% could get a lil more Im fine with that.

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So the players that provided financial support in EA are going to be told “you can spend the same money as other players but you do not get the same benefit”? That does not seem right. But I think giving a plot bonus for Gleam Club is not a good idea anyway. I understand that if someone stops playing you can put them in a deficit position until they earn the plots, and I think that has its own issues.

But if a player was part of a guild, aligned their beacon and gave control, they could quit the game and the guild benefits from plots that are not earned as long as they fuel the beacon.

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I think gleam club can be better filled out once we get races and costumes into the game. If they were going to add in plot bonuses, it would be better as limited time purchases in 10% increments that come in seasonal (maybe) packs. Eventually, active players that consistently support the game will get a good bonus to plots.


Not saying that at all but the avg player is not gonna come anywhere close to that this merely entices new players and gives them another reason to join and lets face it the backers shouldnt be mad about new paying players who are gonna do hunts and get them their oort so they can go back to building empires again.

I think it is best to find ways to entice all players and not just some players. If you want to give all players a way to increase their plots by buying gleam club then let them get a discount on purchasing cubits. This way the players that want plots can get them and the ones that want something else can buy those items. That way everyone is given the same benefit for purchasing the same thing.

I would be disappointed that the developers felt it was ok to treat players differently simply due to the fact that they helped fund the game while it was in EA.

And more importantly you are not supposed to know about my plans to build an empire and takeover the universe!! Who talked!!


I guess in the big scheme of things maybe your right not many new (or even old) non backer avg types playing anyway I didnt even need to spend 10k to get my own planet lol. So I guess even without all those extra % plots I did ok. Does get rather lonely though Im the “Lord of Less” I guess lol.

Yeah Im watching you buddy! lol

Still going strong here… atleast shorts, something that I don’t have to worry about the wind exposing my sensitive regions…

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My idea was the bonus % would only occur during GC membership. But taking into account how when you upgrade your status it is retroactive I now realize why this would not work…