New Guild Buff Fuel = Fossil Fuel

In response to @Xaldafax 's idea, how about using fossil fuel or compact fossil fuel for guild buffs instead of coins?

It would require fossils + plants.


This is a great idea :star_struck:
I could see using fossil fuels, or something instead of coins for fueling the guild machines

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By plants do you mean the ones you can always collect (coneflower, spineflower, etc) or the plants that drop resources or collected with gathering epic (trumpet root, desert sword, etc)?

But I do like the idea of alternative methods to pay for buffs.

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I would imagine the leaf parts/foliage maybe

I was thinking of the plants themselves. Do you think the plant drops would make more sense? And as far as which type, maybe the less powerful helix buffs would require the plants anyone can collect, but the more powerful ones would require the ones with the gatherer skill?

Maybe each helix would require a few different things?

ie: Builder’s Buff = Large Fossils, Rosetta Nox, & gravel.

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I could go for either way.

Yea each helix should require a few different things


that could work

Or maybe we need a new machine for this? A fuel refinery :grinning:

Hmm i’m thinking more something that is readily available. With beans only dropping from plants and the amount of guilds there are, we’d probably see the value of beans go up higher. I’d say foliage or the regular plants that dont drop any resources.

Mining is probably the most used so fossils will always be available. Then for the other part of the recipe, you could choose to chop foliage or shovel dirt for regular flowers.

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Ultimately we need something to consume mass quantities of resources to drive supply down and adjust the demand curve.

A recipe targeting fossils isn’t ideal given their intrinsic value (ancient vital essence) and I imagine their supply is already low.

Instead, target things folks have in abundance: vital orbs, bitter beans, growth. Call it “organic fuel” or something. Then make the recipe consume super high amounts. If the choice is resources you get farming other stuff and cash, sign me up for the former.


I think plant drops &/or plants would be great. It would def make them more valuable & anyone can get them. I think the compactor should be involved & maybe a new fuel refinery to convert the bulk items into usable fuels.

I have an abundance of fossils even though I make/use essence a lot, so I figured adding a use for them would be good (if they are considered too valuable to others, then maybe not). The plant drops currently have uses too, but something that requires them in bulk might give a little boost to that part of the economy/trade. :+1:

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At the current state of the game i would think coin is better.
There is no current coin sinks except for the guild buffs. So with footfall the coin count will just keep going up.
But once they add more coin sinks i would agree since it would be more accessable for new people and not force them into big guilds.

Coin is required everytime you warp. Large amounts are required to reach EXO planets. HUGE amounts of coin are required to operate guild buffs. Abandoned builds take coin with them when they expire. Builds expire all day long. The problem with this is that all of this coin leaves the game FOREVER & is never replenished. It doesn’t go back to towns as taxes, it doesn’t get spent at shops, it doesn’t even go into a hoard. A game with 100-300 people does not need a permanent coin sink of that magnitude imo.


Which is true.
But if you travel to EXO worlds that frequently that it would hurt your coin that much. Just selling a fraction of what you farm would repay the warp costs.
Last blink exo that was up. 2 trips gave me about 2500 blink total. But its also person to person, if they would stay to farm the amounts. They could also just be there to gather stones or explore.

There is alot of coins that goes away when ppl stop playing. But once the houses decay the majority of footfall would go to the active ones.

Im just saying removing the one and only huge coin sink in the game. Would just end up that some people hoard it since there is no where to spend it.
But its just what i think. :slight_smile:

Your input is totally valid. I can see your POV.

The guild buffs are new to the game & I just feel like it is taking an excessive amount of coin out of the game atm.

I kinda also feel like small guilds…2-4 friends, should be able to run a few low level buffs without much problem. I explore a lot and I’m not seeing that. I don’t know if people just aren’t bothering with them, or if they just all gave up & joined a large guild or?


I totally agree. Guild buffs should not cost coin or atleast not that much. It just ruins the fun for small guilds. I just want them to add other feature that requires coin, if they do that change on guild buffs. :slight_smile:
There are people that are completely self reliant and just hoard coin with no where to spend it.

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This was discussed with @James on my last call. We didn’t have the time to deep dive into this… The basic (edited by me) response right now is they are open to alternate ways to pay for guild buffs but what that would look like needs better definition and discussion.

I’m not sure what we have here is a comprehensive enough plan to influence them to change the system. But interest would be there if we continue to talk about it and show how it is better than using coin.

Additionally, an endeavor only solution isn’t a perfect option because of how it is obtained and not everyone levels ever few minutes. So we would need to look beyond that maybe…


It would be great if we had a roadmap. We are starved of communication and getting stuff back channel from you is not ideal. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it, but if we aren’t hearing it from them, then that is their failure.

What we have here is, a failure to communicate.

I have several posts with this same topic and even more with this same thread going through it - that we need more consistent “state of the game” updates. We don’t get them and the reasoning why. Someone at Wonderstruck needs to read Start With Why by Simon Sinek.

We are already sold, they have our time and money. Now they just need to keep us motivated. Even saying “we are working on this” or “art is working on this and it’s going to take 3 weeks” is okay. It’s better than saying nothing.


I made some comments in another thread regarding this and @Xaldafax suggested I read this thread.

I agree with a lot of the comments made here. I feel that the guild buffs are incorrectly implemented into the game.

To me the purpose of guilds is for promoting the MMO side of the game, getting people to work together and rewarding them for doing just that. Having guild buffs made available based on coin has no reflection on how much effort you have made to work together, it’s a measure of how active you are in the economy. Honestly right now I could leave my guild start a guild for me and my alts and run minimum buffs for most of the year without making anymore coin. But I believe that to be wrong and not the purpose or the intent. Not there way I enjoy the game. Hence the achievement “it’s better together”.

Sure coin should be a part of running the buffs, but it should not be a sink, and certainly not the main way to fuel a buff. Also why should buffs cost the same for the large guilds as the small guilds? I’m willing to bet coin on it that the percentage of guild members that actually work together or cooperatively is higher for mid sized or smaller guilds than big guilds.

Running buffs should encourage guilds to have players work together and actively participate in some or all game functions and being rewarded for just that. Now I should also clarify that doesn’t necessarily mean on at the same time either, we cross time zones and that’s too difficult and limiting to be on at the same time. I have awesome guild mates on the other from all over the world!!

I’m suggesting that simple collaborations are part of calculating guild buffs; for instance if player A and B are in the same guild and Player A adds blocks or chisels on player B’s build the guild should get rewards towards the buffs for this. Anything that exhibits working together should reward your buffs. Now as how to implement it, that’s difficult.

I guess I’m ok with coin starting the buffs, but to keep it running it has to be extended based on working together as a guild. Perhaps the endeavour weighs heavily into starting the buffs as well or it has a fractionally equivalent factor to coin for starting the buffs. But I’m certain the timer is not a coin timer but an event timer based on that guild cooperation aspect.

It’s probably a complicated calculation, but I believe it needs to be a complicated calculation, taking all facets of the game are taken into account and go towards reducing the cost of each buff for guilds working and playing together. Other options are to have endeavour or guild collaboration calculation a buff cost reduction modifier.

To consider other aspects that could weigh into working these calculations could be the quantity of aligned beacons, the number of active portals a guild has aligned, the amount of crops a guild has on aligned beacons, the amount of coin generated from guild aligned shops, the amount of completed meteors by 3 or more players of the same guild… basically promoting working to gather productively as you would expect from a guild.

I’m sure it would encompass a lot of code and data for some of those and maybe not possible, but just generally something different than just throwing coin at it.

Sorry was trying not to ramble… but doing this at work :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Edit for pausing to breath (thanks for the suggestion @Evergreen)

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Maybe throw in a few line breaks :sweat_smile:


Wouldn’t fossil fuel just be petroleum which is already in game?