New hub opening

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I would have preferred a statue

but a hub is ok too…



That’s good then :slight_smile: I’ll build a statue of you in each corner to keep ya happy :slight_smile:


I am happy for you then and i wont start a flak war with you.
Someone else will get the flak.
Good luck with keeping it running for a Long time :slight_smile:

@cosmiccori theres a free lamblis portal, cherry… <3

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Your portal has been sprinkled with cosmiccori love .only the light beings of love can bad guys will survive the portal journey.You have to have a good loving heart to enter.Your awesome ★I hope you have a fab future in boundless.Bye 4 now cherry x Thankyou :heart_eyes:Just to be clear im joking about im not crazy…really im not.ilts said in jest.I forget that this weird world we live in has people in it that dont know when a person is being serious or not.So just to be very clear this is a joke.ha ha For all who may read this and wander what im waffling on about.

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I’m so confused :joy::joy:

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