NEW Livestream! Check out this **RECAP VIDEO** to see what went on!

Aktubio! Hope you’re having a great weekend packed with plenty of Boundless!

I have start Livestreaming! As we all live on different time zones, have busy lives and nobody wants to watch through an entire uploaded livestream, after the stream has finished, to see what went on - I have decided to make these recap videos!

So if you’re interested in watching someone who is very familiar with the game, start from scratch and work their way up “zero to hero”, come check it out!

If you like what you see and dont want to miss out on the future livestreams, if you subscribe and hit the notification bell:bell:” you will get a notification as soon as I go live!

Hope you enjoy! :smiley:


Another amazing video!!!


Cheers mate! Appreciate it :smiley:

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I caught a lot of your stream live. I’ll check this out later to see what I missed.

Quality content, @Ovis. Please continue.


Oh awesome, glad you could catch it! Thanks @Pseudonym84 I really appreciate that, I’ll definitely continue :+1:

Loved the video. I get lots of tips! Well done!

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Thanks Sara! Glad you enjoy it :smiley:

Enjoyed both the livestream and the recap !

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Thanks mate! Thanks for watching both! :smiley:

My phone is freaking out, lol. Could you post a direct link to your youtube channel so I can give you a follow?

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Oh no hahah, of course! Thanks in advance :wink:

Done. :smile:

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Awesome, welcome aboard :smiley: