New, Looking for shop/footfall revenu location

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Hey everyone,

I am a new player, 40ish hours so far. I managed to do most of the basics stuff on my own, but I am looking to join a community to invest some time with and maybe have a shop or an inn in a suburb of the big cities.



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Aquatopia Is one of the most active and nub friendly. Building here would be best. You can also link up to it, another option would be linking up to Therka market or one of several portal hubs.


Sweet, do you know whom I should contact in order to set up in that city or are there places I can drop a beacon and claim?

Yes, @the-moebius

Depends, there are places you can just claim I think.

I’ll check it out and update you guys,thanks!

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my city is capital and is a oficial city so aquatopia has best footfall :):grin:
80coins per person


Found myself a nice plot in aquantica, I’ll be building a small shop in the shape of a treasure rustic treasure box in the next few days; I’ll post it on the forums once it’s complete.

Thanks for all the help!


Hey @the-moebius, I’m pretty much in the same boat as @SGjunior, and am looking for a place to sell items/get footfall revenue so I can start building a smaller base/city of my own (if anyone’s interested, it’s going to be on Epsilo). Is there anything I have to do (pay coins, etc.) to get a plot on Aquatopia? I’d preferably like to get one of the premade areas, like down the fountain street by the shopping center, if any are open.

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Well, I would say the portal seekers is a very active guild with multiple towns and hunts. join one of our community hunts and you will see :slight_smile:


Ill free up a room and send ya my discord for asua in evening

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Hey we got a new market for shops so people find it more easy ill send our discord tonight

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Thanks! I just made a discord; my username is Eidolus there as well.

edit: didn’t know you needed a four-digit code to add people on discord. mine’s 6032

Will do! Meteor hunting sounds dope, but I’m not sure how well my computer will take it. I’m, running Boundless at near the lowest settings and have it set to one portal open at a time, but it still sometimes lags out whenever I enter a major city like Elop Portas or Aquatopia

@INubaI fgggggggghggg

So, I talked to Eidolus in game. They don’t currently have a discord, but said they would be creating one at a later date. If they post here when they’ve created their discord account I’ll send them a link via pm.

Made one

do I just give my # and @name (#6032; @Eidolus), or is there some sort of link I have to send?