New Mall! Timbob's Farmer's Market

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Introducing Timbob’s Farmer’s Market!

Our guild, TIMMEH, have been working on this new market on Raxxa for a while now and super excited to announce it is almost done! However, we need YOU. We are looking for active members that would like to run a shop and maintain it.

Since we are small, we are asking for “rent” so to speak. This goes exclusively to fuel the portals to allow the game access to our mall. We ask that shop owners pay 9 rough oortstones every two weeks. It would be the first and third Monday of every month. We have collection baskets set outside each shop to collect rent. You can also pay per month or even by year if you wish to stay that long!

We are a very active, but small guild. With that being said, upon messaging us, if we are not active we will answer the next day! We are in eastern standard time so keep that in mind as we are usually on in the evening until late night.+

We have portals leading to TNT Megahub, EZPZ, and The Firm so far and more to come.

Shops are available in 2x3 or 1x3 in aisles A,B,C, & D depending on what your wishes are. Come check it out in any of those portal hubs and if you are interested message McDonlid or DrPhil (mailboxes located on each aisle) or let us know in the replies below.


Also Feel free to join our Discord and hang out!!


Forgot to put this in there but each month we will choose a shop owner at random and they receive a prize, and yes this prize will be worth it, I personally guarantee that. Also we have open portals soif you interested in opening up any of those please let us know.

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Twice a month seems difficult to keep up with for taxes.
I’m not even sure I like the idea of taxes, but wouldn’t 30/month be easier to track?
Also, if shop keepers are paying in, so to speak, what is the plan for competing with established markets?

I’ll have to come check out the market next time I’m on.

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We thought that same about the amount so we lowered it down to 9 bi-weekly for a total of 18 a month, which equates to at most 3 meteors hunted a month. We’ve discussed holding a monthly hunt ourselves, to help those who have shops at the mall and to connect even more with our shopkeepers. As for our plan we’re offering a space for active players the ones who can’t compete a established malls as all of the shop plots towards the front of those malls are taken up a good amount of which are plotted by players who are no longer active on the game but maintain their Gleam Club. We hope to offer a place with those active in the community to have a fair chance to compete in the economy, in a place where they are selling is run by people who like themselves want to enrich and help the community grow and flourish. Every great oak has its beginning as an acorn but with time and a little TLC it is enabled to grow and flourish.

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We have great shops still open in the front of the market for those who would like to build one! As Mcdonlid said, we lowered oort cost and are working on ways to allow shop owners a way to earn oort to keep it going if they do not hunt regularly. We already have some amazing people here and would love to see more. Community is a huge value going into this and we know there is a very friendly and fun one out there. Cannot wait to see our market thrive with these individuals.

From my experience in the mall I built is stick to your initial goal - if the Oort buy in is your thing that’s ok- it’s not a lot to ask. If the mall preforms and you advertise it correctly people will come. I think it’s great to see more malls opening. I’ll def come check it out :heart:


Pig Mouth has a shop there as well… Once we finish getting set up. The oortstone cost has been reduced to a reasonable level.

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Wow, pig mouth and dr phil at timbob’s market? It’s like all my full time bounles peeps are here!



Some great shops in the process of opening. Message us to join! :heart: -Dr Phil


Shops up front available still!

now also accessible from the raxxian sanctuary!


Have you considered about having option For perma spot? Like example 100 oortstones? Or something.

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That’s a very interesting concept, one we’ll definitely have to discuss and explore. Thank you for bringing that up.

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Don’t Forget to join our Discord!!

The mall/market is dying unfortunately, portals are closing
Owners only ‘‘come’’ online to fuel portals.(even then they are mostly closed now like the one at tnt)
some week(s) ago I asked for a new portal token due to the portal moving, but I had no reply yet.

@McDonlid is there a FUTURE for the market still? or is it slowly closing its doors? :slightly_frowning_face: :frowning_face: :confused: