New meteor meet


I’m there as lovles


Ah so the old portal is staying :slight_smile: yay
The new place looks AMAZING too!


Portal tokens are back in the stands for the ones that never got opened after the hunt (over 15 hours ago) they is 4 tokens in each portal shop stand, i know people rushed like it was ‘Black Friday’ so now its a matter of who reads these :slight_smile:Good Luck!


Ehhh, I do hope mine is still reserved??? I will open it today! The black wood is giving slight delays and a redo of the portal area :smiley:


Your’s is still there, i mean the other ones that were up for sale, i opened the portal at the start of the hunt in the meteor meet in finata and before i got through all the tokens had been sold lol So as its been over 15 hours which i think is fair to add them back to the shop stand so people can come grab one is they want it :slight_smile:


I’m mega excited to use this later - be sure to be there
5pm GMT+1
9am PST
12pm EST