New meteor meet


Hello boundless community.

As everyone knows Ultima will be moving to Eresho and Meteor Meet wasn’t going to be moving there :frowning_face:

Recently I’ve been hosting hunts at Meteor Meet based in Finata - well my next hunt will be hosted from my new and improved meteor Meet based on delta cancret so it’s easier to access the T4 planets we will be doing more often.
Here is a sneaky lil preview of what to expect.

They will be
Portals available.


Are these going to be portals available to anyone and if so would you be willing to consider having a 5wx2h or 2wx5h portal available?


Same. I have a portal in SHAMELESS available if it was 2wx5h.

Let me know.


I would like an 8 portal conduit portal if possible (3x3 works too).

If not I will take a 5x3!

You could convert one of the 2x3’s to a 2x4 and hide the extra two blocks behind the sign! Since it would save me 48 oort shards a day that way!


Our city is based on Delta Cancret! :smiley:
Although I don’t really need a big portal since it’s the same planet :thinking:
If we start getting more involved in hunts like we used to be I’ll definitely consider a connection since the convenience could pay for itself in time.


I am not really a hunter so it’s not likely I would participate but can I say I love the room you build!


I think Ultima moving is a bad move all around. So many people have built in accordance to where Ultima stands atm. Seeing how many people are not going to follow to the new location anyway.

I really never hunt but just tought to wish you good luck with the build!


I both wish they weren’t moving, and am glad they are putting more planning into the new place at the same time. I have grown accustomed to using the finata hub, and know where most things are so change will always be an adjustment. However, I fall into the “stair ways” that go to all the expanded portal areas all the time, and would love to not do that whenever I am just trying to walk around :laughing:


I can do that for you :slight_smile:


I’ll see what I can do with the 2wx5h today


Cool! When you in game? Am online…


Im online now, want to meet me at meteor meet?


LOL, just stopped for some lunch and Game of Thrones. Will be back soon!


In a few mins the hive will have an entrance to the meteor meet. Hope it helps everyone get there a little faster.


Snap! I am also having lunch and watching game of thrones :+1:


Welcome to Delta neighbor!


@JaceyLive will there be a portal from Swarm of the Oortians on Dzassak to the new Meteor meet?


witch meet spot are we meeting at today?


sorcerer the new one is what the OP said


I dont think so but i know you can get there through the current meteor meet :slight_smile: @Trickyy90