New Official Steam Group for Boundless

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Boundless has now a new Official Steam Group

The new group was created because it is not possible to change a Stream Group Name.

Steam Support

Can I change the name of my group?
Group names cannot be changed. You will need to create a new group if you desire a different name.

The new official Steam Group from Wonderstruck Games

Boundless Official

The old Group with the old name OortOnline

Big thanks for @olliepurkiss for the new Group

Result is the new group

And I’ve got it to be the first member of the new group :wink:

But i hope all player will join the new Steam Group too.


~1 Month later
Old Steam Group 296 Members
New Steam Group 15 Members


I hoped we can fill this group like the old but seems not so.

It seems as if the community is dead

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i think you should delete the old one if its not already.

Delete Not, but make it to a closed Group and link to the new Group. I have already make a Topic in the Old Group to the new Group

When I asked Steam about merging or migrating these Groups they suggested we should simply delete them, as Steam games themselves now offer all the functionality that was originally offered by the Group function.

Obviously if players want to group together in some unique ways and run their own groups - then go a head.

But they recommend against an “official” group - as the game pages already does this job.


i didn’t even know about this, maybe announce on the old group so everybody knows? :stuck_out_tongue: make you voice loader!! :smiley:

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