New Oortleans School of Design (and shop)

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The New Oortleans School of Design rock and stone section is nearing completion. Prices are as follows…

Rocks - 3c
Stones - 4c
Refined - 8c
Deco - 12c
Bricks - 15c

There is a complete rock and stone block palette with each form of each type everyone is welcome to come browse even if your not looking to buy.

We can be found through the “Star Shop” portal on the Grovidias Te PS hub just follow the road south we are hard to miss.


New Portal Directly from Grovidias Te PS Hub!!


Looks awesome. +1 for specialized shop!

Thanks :slight_smile: you should check it out in person but make sure its night time =D

Beautiful design :slight_smile: one suggestion - signs to show where to get the colors… very nice place tho!

Just wandered over and looked around :slight_smile:

unfortunetly there really isnt room for more signs unless i put up a sign for every block which i may do but it will be well in the future since there are spreadsheets out there for this and signs are so costly and time consuming to make

We have a lot of things we need the signs for before we get to that.

School? Design? Interesting.

What mats did you use to build? :slight_smile: looks great!

Exit through the Gift Shop?

lol working on it right now! its going to be under water

So the shiny outline you see is refined silver blocks (very pretty take forever to get this amount lol)

Behind the silver is 1 layer of refined gleam to give each room a different color glow. I suplimented this with torches but they look kind of sloppy so i may remove them

On the inside each room is lined with black brick and the floors and balconies are made of Lustrius Shadow mustard Timber

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Amazing! That’s soooooo much silver lol

luckily i have a friend that i play with MassiveMorgan we share everything and he is amazing at mining lol he does most of the gathering

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Now open-

2nd floor - wood displays

Gift shop -

Now with convinient portal to Ultima hub!


Love the wood displays! It’s really awesome to have a place to go to see all the rock types and wood types in one place. It would be awesome if at some point you updated the signs so you can press ‘e’ on them and it tells you which planet you can find that color on.

@Aanika - Finally visited today and absolutely loved it.
I like the way you have separated the displays its nice and easy to navigate, although the lack of hand rails found me falling off platforms lol!
New oortleans itself is amazing the skill and planning that must have been involved is astounding.
Great Job!

Im glad you liked it and that people are getting a use out of it =D

There is more to come so keep an eye out :slight_smile:

Update! Today we finished the gleam display area! (entrance is under one of the lower staircases.)

Come check it out!

also advanced coils for 14k :slight_smile: