New Ornate Metal and Gleam storage for sale 179 for most and 199 for Silk Cobalt gleam

I made up a few hundred of the new Ornate storage and put them up for sale in VB Rocket Shop accessible from a portal in PS Hub Boori in case people want some but don’t feel like making them.

Priced at 179 for Copper and Iron colored Ornate Metal, as well as 179 for the Cool Blue Gleam (which looks more white to me than my white bricks) . I also made a batch using Exo gleam Silk Cobalt that I have priced at 199 since I have a limited amount of that gleam on hand.

Currently 100 of each of the gleam storage boxes and 150 of each of the metal ones available.


All of the first batch of Silk Cobalt ones went fast, I just put some more in there as well as added more to the other types.

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Understandable; Those are very pretty. Now I wish I’d kept more of it around.

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Just woke up and put the overnight crafting batches in stock. Over 100 of each type added to the stands.

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I just have to ask how does that pay off
for the gleam storage?

Here is my math on it:

Ornate gleam storage

Ref gleam - 12 pieces - 5-50c each = 60c - 600c
Fresh ess - 6 pieces - 2c each = 12c
copper/iron - 4 pieces - 6c each = 24c
alloys - 4 pieces - 40c each = 160c

Total= 256c - 796c

Ornate metal storage

any metal - 4 pieces 6c-22c each = 24c - 88c
alloy - 4 pieces - 40c each = 160c
spark link - 8 pieces - 2c each = 16c
nails - 12 pieces - 1c each = 12c
wax - 12 pieces - 1c each = 12c

Total= 224c-288c

I think mainly we value the alloys differently, and I priced mine out based on mass crafting them so less materials per end item.

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ye, get it but the whole purpose of the mass craft is to get the price lower so you can actually sell it

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Yup, just with what I value the materials at, I am doing fine with these prices. Appreciate the double-check though in case I was way off. :wink:


Bought a bunch yesterday! Appreciate the convenience and the price. Good stuff man

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sorry, you might need to make some more chests…

Made more last night and just restocked :wink:

Big restock this morning, made quite a few while Exo exploring yesterday and last night while asleep.

Edit: Restocked again from stuff made while sleeping last night.