New Planets Economy Discussion

So I haven’t really thought much about the result the new planets will have on the economy as I have initially been looking at the new stuff with new stuff eyes and eager anticipation… I can’t wait for it…


OMG there are some major things I haven’t considered until now!

A) I expected Rare Resources to be found deep on the edge of a planetary chain. But I am not seeing anything at all like this… It seems that rare resources are No longer rare… So my assumption of transporting stuff from one region of space to another has gone up in smoke…

B) Resources are now going to be too common… Planets of Coal??? Really??? More then one gem on planets??? How about planets with NO GEMS and NO COAL again these planets are first look, seem awesome but when looked at deeper it seems to me like the economy is going to suffer…

C) Colors!!! I love the new colors but then again I have started to realize all these new colors are everywhere and they are plentiful?!? I really think we need to remove some of this color and make some colors more common place then others… This again would facilitate the economy but adding these colorfull planets to the outer reaches of the universe would facilitate the collection of said colors and bringing them back to locations there not…

Bascially I am starting to realize that these new planets are awesome from the perspective of a builder but are they awesome for the economy?!?


Still no atmospheres in place. Many high tier planets with plenty of titanium and gems will be inaccessible without atmosphere skills.
I agree though that on some of the new worlds there were too many nods of tech devices or titanium. Just dozens around spawned on surface.

There seem to be more step by step progression though. Starter planet didn’t even seem to have iron. Next level worlds were easier than current moon worlds and offered iron silver gold and tech components. The idea of metal or coal worlds is something I liked to be true. It can work if amount t of nods and drops per block is balanced properly.


There was iron on Talme IV.
I did find it in the caves - digged from the surface.
I’m sure when the time comes everything will be balanced properly by the Devs.
Maybe they let us test it first :grin:


The worlds are being put on testing after all, not live.

You have to consider that we will be getting a new tier of rare resources above gems at some point in the future. @Jiivita already found some in his video on the hunting worlds.

There will be 255 colors for each block, so as long as we don’t get 255 planets with no overlap, some colors will be rare or unobtainable. The devs teased some possibilities to transfer colors between blocks to create block-color combinations that don’t naturally occur in the universe. I assue this process will be expansive, so I guess these blocks will be quite rare and very interesting for the economy.

Please keep in mind that the economy is just the means for players to trade with each other. All that is needed for it to flourish is players wanting and having different things - something that is there already.

None of the changes on testing/hunting pose any threat to the economy - they will simply change some of players wants and haves (in example more rock colors will make rock of any color rarer than it is now since stockpiles will have more variety).


I must have been unlucky. I spent a few hours digging around with a newly created character. Wanted to see how the start looks like now.
Definitely no silver and gold though right? Although it wouldn’t make sense since making warp augments requires compactor and that requires alloy to build.
I remember thinking that starting planets could do without silver and gold and make those lush worlds of higher tier a place to go first as they were only slightly more difficult if it comes to creatures met. It would only need a change in how warp augments are made.

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I disagree that the economy suffers with items being more common. All that does is adjust the supply which lowers the price paid for the raw material. Lower prices do not by definition destroy an economy. If someone has invested a great sum of coin in a resource that is now more common, yes they will suffer loses. This is also how an economy works. There are still people that will not want or be able to craft certain items. There will still be demand for crafted items even if the raw resources are more common.

The economy is only one aspect to the game. Building is another and more colors allows builders to be more creative. It is not all about the economy or the people that want to run shops.

I think the colors are good for the economy. Instead of three or four large stores, hopefully there will be more as even the larger stores cannot supply everything in every color. I think this allows more people to be shopkeepers.


The new planets have no real effect on the economy because up until now no major development time has been spent on designing a true economy model.

So lets not ruin a game for builders (which this was from the start before all the MMO stuff) because some people want to try to play an economy game and be rich.

Resources should be plentiful because in nature and across the universe there is complete abundance of things. A shop owner will still be able to make a very nice income because of the services they provide around saving time for people. It does not need to link to a “rarity model” so they can price gouge people.


The game has one of the most sophisticated economical systems I have ever had the pleasure to play with. It definitely rivals Path of Exile’s, is better than Warframe and Albion’s and is quickly growing to approach and exceed Eve’s in sophistication. A large part of that is due to the vast amount of items and locations in which they can be traded and the balance of market imperfections that create hundreds of opportunities.


It’s not right actually. James just opened portals through the universe. For example Muunillan is in 30 blinkseconds from Talme IV. The longest distance in Live is 10 blinkseconds now between Therka and Alturnik.

Yeah. That is the aim.

I don’t see how having a 50 worlds to travel to screws up the economy. Not everyone is going to be seeking red trunks. Not everyone is going to want black igneous brick. Not everyone is going to want purple sand. Same goes for having different planets to mine for ore and gems.

I don’t know where this idea that having more places to get your resources and building materials from magically makes items cheaper. Someone still has to actually travel to the location, spend the time getting the stuff, and then selling it in its raw form or processing it into a finished product.

It isn’t like every single resource or block someone picks up is going to be sold to another player.

The game was never intended to be strictly a builder game anyways.

I didn’t say it was “intended to be strictly for builders.” I said don’t ruin it for builders to try to make some economy stuff happen. Both things can exist without some need to remove colors from the game or make things so impossible to find that I “must” go buy it from some guy selling it.


In my opinion, the economy is one of those factors that is better to “react to” rather than “trying to predict”.

What I mean by this is we can make all the predictions in the world on what happens when we insert more planets and implement new systems, but those predictions are going to be hard to really be able to give us a good depiction on what the economy will really be like without actually trying things that allow us to react and learn.

Testing before 1.0 can at least help with this. Why not add new planets and see what happens to the economy or make certain resources easier/harder to get and see what happens? All of this is getting wiped down the road anyway so if we learn all of this information now from “reacting” to whatever testing happens, that much more will already be understood later.