New player in the universe, need some info

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Greetings to you,

Already thank you for taking the time to read this simple post of a newcomer on this universe.

In order to explain my “problem” I will begin by explaining our situation.

We are a group of 4 friends (maybe later but we have to motivate them). We started less than a week ago. And we settled near a Tier 2 capital city for access to shops and gates.

I am the “advanced” player of our guild (search info on the web, farm build, …) However I have not found information to find “easily” gold and titanium ( what I could see is close to the lava)

We make our resource farm on a tier 3 (rocky and metallic) planet.

Should we continue our momentum and go farm gold and other on a tier 4 and above planet once we have the necessary protection?

Thank you for taking the time to read me and maybe to answer me.
I wish you a good day.

Best regards.

For info we are french so sorry for mistakes in my text =)


Do whatever helps. I used Titanium tools until almost level 40. You can mine on T5 planets using titanium and over time switch to gem.

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If you need any help or have questions give us a shout.

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Also if you come to the hive you can access mines without stepping foot on the surface.

Get level 3 caustic protection. The Besevrona amethyst mines. There are 3. Have lots of metal ore.


Ok, so we can continue to farm with Iron tools if we go to higher tier planet, it’ll juste take more time to mine?

Can we go to “Circarpous I”, this planet is Inhospitable and we don’t have any protection (armor) skill point yet.

Edit 1 : Il check tonight if we have access to the Hive from our planet (but yet we don’t have any skill point in protection)^^

titanium best obtained on lvl 5-6 worlds and you will need atmospheric protection lvl 2-4 (of a kind corresponding to atmosphere type of a world you go to) - choose a world lvl 5 to make it easier at first
(also, every time you are on any world, go to places>world>resources in players menu to see full list of resources available there, if titanium is not listed, go to a different world)

you would also need a few thousand health at least (so let’s say lvl 4 vitality plus health epic minimum) and a few levels of armor to help with that - all to be able to take a few hits from creatures giving you a chance to escape (good to have good speed as well); alternatively you can invest in control attribute and shadow epic to make you almost invisible for creatures (they will spot you only if you get really close)

you will also have to think about enough damage on your hammer - be it from skills (power and damage epic and/or hammer mastery) or tool tier (better material, so gold, titanium and gem hammers will give you more power than iron one); it’s because the higher world level, the more armor the blocks have there (so, more damage needed to be able to break the blocks); forged hammers will be things to look for you as well (with added damage and AoE - hitting a few blocks with one go)

look for titanium at level 0-20 (so around lava level, although being on that altitude doesn’t mean you will meet lava, it might be just rock there)
if there is enough altitude above you (so you dig under high mountains), you will also find titanium on altitudes above 20

get yourself an atlas of a world you go to and put a single titanium ore in it (drag and drop) and the atlas will show you where titanium is (just horizontal spread on the map, no altitude indication, so it’s up to you to know where to look)


You can reach from hunter courtyard. Duskmoor. Tnt. Ect. If you dont mind cheating a bit, we can hook you up with some good tools to get started.


in general if you can break rock with 2 hits and a resource block in 3-4 hits, you will be able to mine with acceptable pace, but better to be able to get 1 hit on rocks and 2 hits on resources at least to be happy enough
IF you can’t hit rock with 1-2 hits, you can save your time and tools by using stone chisels; use stone chisels to break through rock (cheap and fast method, as chisel makes a hole in rock with 1 hit no matter how much armor that block has) and your hammers to break only resources blocks

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Thank you for all those informations.
As far as I can understand we still have time before arriving on tier 5-6 planet.

We are starting to have a stock of silver, gold is not good yet.

Currently on a tier 3, the base stone is in 1 shot, otherwise 3 for the ore (hammer iron).

We will continue to build our base and make stock before going on tier 4-5-6 and continue our evolution =)

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I think I already saw a portal with the “Hive” name. But I’m still a little bit lost with all this portals hub xD. But with more time it’ll be ok

I’ve already got a diamond aoe hammer to speedup my mining xD (I’m selling a lot to have cash xD)
But my friend would like to create the hammer by him self.

But thank you for the proposal =)4

if you join group hunting on lvl 4-5 worlds it will be easy enough for you (stronger players will protect you and heal you etc.) - meteor loot will give you silver, gold, titanium in small numbers (you will bring enough after completing 10+ meteorites)

meteorite loot is a good way of getting higher tier metals before you get all the skills to mine on lvl 5-6 worlds
and hunting is also a fast way to level up (a lot of xp from creatures killed and meteorite completed)

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Ahh, good info to know =)

I’ll ask my friend whats they would like to do.
I have to do things with them, otherwise I will take too much advance, I already have 5-10 levels more but less hours in the games xD

Edit :
I’m going to suggest to our farm manager the hunts, that should interest him

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Welcome! <3

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If you ever want to do a more personal and private hunt with your group and some members of Iconic let us know :slight_smile:

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Another way to get metal ore easy is to go to a high level exoworld, especially the ones having umbris/blink/rift. A lot of players go there to get them precious stuff, turning the planet into swiss cheese, and ignore all the other ores/seams. On one of my visit to a T7 exoworld, I was able to get a lot of titanium/gold/silver/hard coal and some gems, with just an unforged gold hammer.

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If you learn how to use an atlas you can acquire precious metals on tier 3.

Cephonex Merika has gold and silver I think, silver for sure.

Gold/titanium can be found in abundance on the t5 planet Serpensarindi, along with all the coals and diamonds. With the right specs and tools you could gather quite a bit in a couple hours. Even without max forged tools it is possible to get enough to greatly improve your next mining trip in just a few minutes. As others have stated grab an atlas and a single piece of whatever youre searching for and head to Serp, youll need 2 points in Volatile pretection and with max mining spec you should easily be two shotting rock and 4 shotting ore with iron unforged. Another option(which i have used) is strength or speed brews. Strength is slightly easier to craft as it doesnt require hunting down roadrunners, so id start there. Gold ore has a similar spawn to titanium, so placing a piece of gold in the atlas and heading to altitudes between 10-30 should net you quite a bit of titanium, gold, iron, and coal. Not to mention diamonds…

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Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for all this information.

I was able to test that last night. And I came back from a little session with more than 200 gold same for silver, 100 titan and even gems (very little but it’s a start).

Well I took 5 level ahead of my friends. But we will be able to continue the evolution of our guild base.

Thank you again (this community is really the best :wink: )

And good game to you.