New Player Seeking refuge within the community!

I noticed they are the same positions, So I guess you could use either one.

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I figured so, but never confirmed yet. Thx!

the block position i sth eposition of the block you’re staring at i believe. not guaranteed, but it’s probably close. it’s just safer to go with Camera Positiong.

@BoaConstrictor yeah your location is also there, in the locations tab

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LOL I’m 4000M? away from the city.

planets are BIG dude

Go back in the opposite direction. The world loops around.

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So I was wondering what the best way to progress is, Like I need to get the workbench so what’s the fastest way to do that.

go to a desert and get Ancient Tech Fragments, i would suggest going to Septerfon, Epsilo, or Elopor, more likely to be found there, and there are portals in Pixel Gate

I believe I just found the City, Frames went from 100-60 LOL. So what do these fragments look like?

ancient tech fragments are always only spawnable on Rock, so it will be the colour of rock, but there will be a “micro chip” looking thing in it, teal in colour, with gold detail.

Ah thank you! I love how I actually passed this city on my way to where I set up camp LOL

Is there a way to set up a portal near the city so I can travel with ease?

Talk to @Dzchan94 or @Karokendo about getting a location in Pixel gate, tell them how big your build will be,

Then finish it, build a portal in it, the build a portal in your base

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We have the guidelines and rules on the pixel gate post. Please contact one of us for consulting.

I’d for sure follow all your rules, I simply would like a small plot big enough for a small hut. My main plan is to have a nice underground base for myself.


Sure, any specifics as to where and how big. Design would be appreciated.

Being new to the game still, I only had a really quick look at the town, umm Anywhere you put me would be fine, Design wise? Umm Tbh I have no idea, It won’t be massive I promise, I’d just like a nice place to be able to warp in and out when I need to trade or travel worlds.

Sure, go ahead. Just set up wherever. And we’ll see later.

We can always help you design your house :slight_smile: Go ahead to settle down anywhere you want, we just need some info to plan the city for the future.

I’ll have to work my way up to creating another beacon, I’ll head back whenever that is done :slight_smile: