New Player Seeking refuge within the community!


New Player Seeking Advice tips and tricks.


Hello, the name is Keenan (Sir-Jack In game) you can call me Jack or Keenan whichever you prefer: on May first I was browsing the steam store and came across this game called Boundless, My immediate thoughts on the game based off the videos showed on the steam store was awe. The graphics looked stunning, the physics looked a little wonky but that’s to be expected with an early access game plus the fact that voxels are used. From the 4 hours I have on the game already I’m very interested to see how this game is!

Adventurer Rank:
So based purely off of the videos provided on the steam page, I wanted to back the game; Some might think that I should’ve bought the game initially and tried it out before purchasing such an expensive “DLC.” Whether I like the game or not, I see full potential in it. I’m glad I backed this game because I’m already in love with it! As a new player I have many, many questions; Questions I’m sure have already been answered once or twice in some other form post, however, those seem rather old and I’m sure the game has been updated since. I ask the kind community to point me in the right direction.

What do I want to know?
Everything. I want to know the best way to gain coins, the best way to mine and gather resources, what I should be looking for as a fresh spawn, where to look Etc! I’ll listen to anything you have to offer me, whether It’s as simple as making sure you chop a lot of wood for a continuous stream of resources etc. I want to know about these portals, how to make them, where I get the things to create them, what they do, where can I go with them, how to travel to new worlds etc. I do specifically want to know a lot about traveling and resource gathering.

Communities in game and out
What should I look for in a community, I’ve always been one of those loner types when it comes to survival games like these, but I feel as though this is one of those games I should be in a group for. Again I’m looking for every bit of possible information, tips, tricks, guides etc.

Other planets + Perks of Adventurer rank?
So I want some more information on what exactly I can do with the purchase of the adventurer “DLC” that information on like world development would be nice along with more information on the “DLC.” Now when I look up I see other places I “could?” visit? More information on the planets and traveling would be kindly appreciated.
Much love from a new and interested player!


Somebody get this man a link to the boundless discord, stat!


:wink: That would be greatly appreciated mate :slight_smile:

I’d tackle that myself, but I’m at lunch atm and rather rope somebody else into it :stuck_out_tongue:

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No worries my dude, Enjoy your lunch! Besides I’m only but a noob, I can wait for people to reply :slight_smile:

I think that should do it. Welcome!


:slight_smile: Thank you, my dude! So assuming upon entering this discord, most of my questions shall be answered?


You can definitely inquire there, and I think are likely to get the help you need.

Welcome to Boundless!

Besides Discord, check out for help with any crafting related questions and help with machines.

Also…if you just wanted gold nuggets of information, check out Jiivita’s Quick guide videos. They only deal with the live version though.

Have fun exploring!!


Welcome to Boundless😆 Here is a link to crafting. What planet are u on now?

Here is a map of all the current planets.


I’m 90% sure I’m on Solum

You can come join a lot of players at Pixel Gate. There are several portals that will take you to different planets located there.


Oh dear god I’m far.

Where do I find my cords just to confirm? Is it my camera position?

Welcome to Boundless, @Sir-Jack!

Glad the others have already pointed you in the right direction. You can ask questions on Discord, or throw them up in this topic and someone should be able to help out.

As for your co-ordinates, if you open up your menu you can see them in your location tab under ‘current location’. or camera position on the debug screen.

it’s camera position on the debug screen


Thank you to all who have taken their time to reply to my post!

Is it not the same thing by pressing E and clicking the Locations tab?

Thanks for the correction @Xanotos