New player streaming on Trior!

He’s learning the ropes and thought people might like to lend support! :nerd_face::+1:


I helped him the best I could. It was interesting watching the new player experience… I would say he felt overwhelmed, but I think starting any game is that way. At least for me… he learned a lot and now has to process. :blush:

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Especially when there’s a veteran player helping. Don’t know about you but when I’m helping a new player, I’m like a puppy with a new toy lol after drinking a red bull! Always like hey look at this and this and this and this and…


Can you drop a link so I can support him please :slight_smile:

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Also maybe his coords so I can give him stuff if he wants.

Also is he in the offical discord? Plenty of people there willing to help with stuff

Rush him!!!

BL community is best community


maybe we can do some survival starter kits and give them to trustful active players who live on starter planets… to distribute…

within some food, some tools n a weapon…

but i dont know who can do this, without enrich themselve…
but i like to support this idea with some free stuff…

any trustful player suggestions?
any voluntary?


… maybe some1 of you are a streamer, or do “lets play” vids…or you know somebody who do this…

maybe we can start up together a lil “promo” tour that every new player gets a starter pack, if he buy boundless this weekend… or maybe perm. in the future…

lets give wonderstruck some community support <3


i like the idea !!!

Would support it too !!!

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sadly to say, we need a new option 4 shops…
like only 1 each account…
like 1 each day…
like xxx each xxx…
high lvl people rip off that stuff 4 new players…

some guy got now 3 free loot sticks (lvl 44 player) of course he grabbed every time all free tools n bombs too … i dont think that running system is fair at time…

dear wonderstruck team (@james) , this way i can’t help new players… its up to u to stop this art of exploiting.


Some one should stand in the trees and record him like Steve Irwin. "Crickey, he picked up some sand and chopped some wood. Building some form of structure on the river bank. He appears to be learning . . . "


Lol, j/k. Would be funny though. Someone needs to make youtube skits about new player experience when finding old players.

I imagine another short could be about 1 old player finding a newbie and then 20 more coming out of the ground, falling out of the sky, and appearing out of thin air to help. Like the birds in finding Nemo. Mine mine mine.



got enough 4 all :-). (newbees)

feeding the birds xd

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I would do this hahahaha…(now…to start actually streaming for the first time ever…)

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