New Player(US East) looking for a small group/village to join

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I am new to Boundless on the PC, NA East Server. I am looking for a small group of people or village to play with. Maybe around 5-10 people. I am personally interested in being a crafter/merchant and setting up a shop or decorating/creating buildings.

Please add me on Steam: mikuhagane13


there is always room for you in elop portas. we have a good market and lots of fun people.
there is also almost always something being built around town so lots to contribute to.
welcome to :boundless:

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Thanks, I have no idea what you mean by elop portas though…or where you even are.

Check out this thread:

You should check out therka market.

Never mind.


Hi and welcome to Boundless!

We are settled on Solum in the village of KrakenDown and are always happy to have more people join us. There are currently six of us and there is lots of room to expand. We are also connected to SWProzee1’s portal hub so it is very to easy to go shopping or exploring from our home.

In game the coordinates are 1,258N -1,716E.

If that makes it tough to find then you can search for us with the debug menu up. You can get all the dubug info by pressing the period key (.) twice. In debug mode our coordinates are -1713, 102, -1256.

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NE Server right? I do have a base already in Solum around -1800, something, something

Yeah we are on US-East

Could I add you on Steam so I can talk to you when you get online? I don’t really want to hang out in your village when no one is on lol.

I also can not find the village. I need someone to come find me and lead me there lol…I am by a lake where there is a weird U shaped structure

Of course you can add me.

We have a lot of little lakes near us. We also have a trampoline set up on one of them which could be the weird U-shaped structure you saw. I can come and try to find you as well as I am in game now and in the village if you let me know your coordinates.

Cant find you on steam but I am near the shop

you should try Gleams village on the planet Therka as we need shops there

also try to avoid building right on the water as to keep the place looking pristine for the most part. if you decide to base there