New Sci-fi Shop Display Idea

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What if we had a shop stand/attachment that could go into/onto walls?

So right now we have where we can place a shop stand on the ground. Though, sometimes you might need more space, or something to fit your shop aesthetics.

If you had items for sale on your shop walls, players could see it really well, and shop owners could sell more items.

The shop stand thing could be a tether that you place on a block, and then it acts like a shop stand, and it would hang from the wall on that block.

Maybe a small laser beam, metal rod, something like that.

What do you want in boundless?

I would totally use this! Would we also be able to place it on the ceiling and the item could hang below it? I’d prob mostly use the rod on the wall one if we had it.


Here is a visual of one of the ideas.


That’s a cool idea! I would also like it to be possible to hang items from the ceiling :slight_smile:


What if you just made a version of the wooden shelf that was also a shop stand…?


More display decos in general would be nice. Like a wall plaque with 1 storage slot and it shows the item mounted on the plaque.

Then plz add a singing fish item into the game.

I’ll settle for just the first part tho