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So I’m making a settlement with roads that go out to others places. Apparently my settlement touches multiple other settlements. I am not looking to conjoin them, but it won’t let me be my own settlement either. It just keeps saying that I’m touching multiple settlements. Is there something I can do to fix this?

I think your roads are the issue

Can you not have roads that go between various cities?

You can but there is a way to do it someone else can explain better I do not have all the info yet myself. I think the road need to be a certain plot width or something like that I keep hearing three plot wide

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settlements are detected from a 2D top-down view of claimed plots regardless who owns the plots. If a beacon has plots in multiple settlements then it’s prestige wont count for either settlement. You may not intend some part down the road to be a settlement, but if there’s enough plots there it will become one, then your beacon is on two settlements.

Either put inter-settlement roads on separate beacons. or make the road 3-plots wide.


Does it have to be all the roads or just a section of it?

if you have a road going out of your town that doesn’t go anywhere, then it’s fine but as soon as someone puts a house at the end of that road it can become another settlement and become a problem.

Only the roads going out of your settlement can become an issue. If you have an in-town road beacon and an out-of-town road beacon then you can move plots from out of town to be in-town as your city expands.

I’m hoping that answers your question :S


So I have went and removed all the plots that touch other settlements except one. I made sure that settlement is border with 3 plots and I have definitely enough prestige. It is still saying I’m bridging multiple plots -.- I’m so confused and frustrated :frowning:

If a beacon plots an area thats 1x30x1 (for example), in a road shape it’ll deem that beacon a road, which cant bridge (or join) 2 settlements.

I dunno what the threashold is, like how wide or tall it needs to not be a road, but the short answer is the plots youve laid down on the beacon are too road shaped. Make them taller/wider… less roady, and it should merge to the settlement once its not considered a road. Or if its all one beacon, try add more plots to the ‘town’ bit to make it overall more towny than roady.

I have an area with maybe 5x5x1… and then added a 8x2x1 road off the end of it, and it turned into a road and disconnected from my settlement. Then i unplotted about half the 8x2 bit and it rejoined. But i also I have a bridge thats 2x15x8(ish) that isnt a road. So not sure on how it works exactly, just be less road shaped in total for the beacon.

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