New Shop: The Foundry @ Holy Mountain - Berlyn

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Hello, friends!

We’re all waiting for 1.0, but let’s not forget that it’s months away, and we’ve still got time to finish our builds, explore, and learn the game. I’ve opened my first shop, The Foundry, accessible via The Portal Seekers main Vulpto hub. Come browse my wares, from processed metals, crafting machines, titanium furances, and advanced power coils to compact coal and gems, and more!

The purpose of my shop is twofold: 1). provide gem/metal building and machine materials only, so that I can try and keep most things in stock (there’s nothing worse than finding a great store, only to see that 90% of it is out-of-stock); 2). continue business as usual despite the impending world wipe (I love this game, and won’t stop just because we’ll have to start fresh soon).

Even though The Foundry is now open, expect to see some upgrades or changes in the future. Currently, you can donate Oort near the Coal and Gem portal, but after I get a little income, I will start competitively buying as well, though only a select few raw ingredients like rough gems, ore, and coal. Also, I will most likely expand the space within the shop (it feels a little snug), and will include selling alloys in the future (there’s a specific reason I’m not selling them at the moment). More compact, refined, and decorative gems will be for sale in the weeks to come as well.

Visit us soon via the Portal Seekers main Vulpto hub. The Foundry: No food. No gear. Your one-stop-shop for metals, machines, coal and gems!


Good luck with the shop. :sunglasses:


The Foundry is now buying coal and select ores at some of the highest rates out there!

Gold Ore @ 28/ea.
Silver Ore @ 36/ea.
Titanium Ore @ 99/ea.

Soft Coal @ 6/ea.
Medium Coal @ 15/ea.
Hard Coal @ 47/ea.

Come sell your coal and ore at The Foundry, and thanks for the early patronage, fellow Oortians!


You should post a screenshots of the building! I’m really intrigued by the name and I’m hoping it is similar to what I am imagining! I’m stuck at work and can’t come check it out myself :frowning:


Unfortunately, I’m not the best builder, and the shop is under construction. I’ve spent my time in Boundless early access trying to explore and learn the game (including building), and setting up plans for 1.0. My true vision for The Foundry will be realized fully after the wipe, albeit slowly, I’m sure, as I don’t power-level in games, and my time is quite limited. If you still want a picture, I can post one, but again, there’s nothing overly impressive or unique about the shop or ground level base.


Oh don’t be so humble, flaunt your hard work!


Well, I didn’t decide on a name and concept until most of my base was already built, and I haven’t had time/interest with the impending wipe to redoing it. I’ve learned a little chiseling since then, and have plans for a future Foundry, so that’s where I’m coming from :slight_smile:


The Foundry has all of your metal and machine needs! Copper Bars @ 6c ea.; Iron Bars @ 8c ea.; Machined Copper @ 60c ea.; Machined Iron @ 65 ea.; plus come see our prices for silver, gold, and titanium products as well! We just got in a few Advanced Extractor Power Coils, Compact Sapphire, and Refined Sapphire in our Gem and Coal shop.

I’ve restocked or increased stock of many metals, as well as titanium furnaces. We’ll be expanding a bit to add alloys, Cogs and Nails soon too!

Stop by The Foundry for a taste of the refined. :smiley:

Our portal is in the Portal Seekers main Vulpto hub.