New site layout

With how the new layout choose, categories instead of latest as the default front page, Off Topic is suddenly visible as a category in latest posts again, that doesn’t seem optimal.

Not a fan of the new layout :confused:


It it kinda hard to use on mobile.

I personally like the new layout, makes things more “in order”.

It takes some time getting used to, with a larger user-base, its much more orderly this way though.

Is there any specific problem you notice? I am sure they would like your feedback about it over at

If you click the “more”-button under the treads, it show the old style.

Or just the “Latest” button at the top.

I’d be more of a fan if the order was flipped. So latest is on the right and the categories were on the left. Since the eye typically moves left to right and all.

I can add that to the thread you posted later, have to get back to work right now.

New layout sucks for mobile! Surely there must be a way to configure “latest” as default view, not categories?