New skill page didn’t work


Hey. I tried to purchase another skill page for my main character and didn’t get the skill page. Cubits gone. :cry: I restarted hoping it would show up. It did not.


I’m not seeing this in game. What were you doing before this point and is that any other information you can provide? For example, how many skill pages did you already have prior to this?

Edit: Can you also check if you haven’t bought the Skill Page Reset Token by accident?


I had 3 pages. When I logged on I gained 3 or 4 Umbris coffers. (Not sure why I gain those level.) that was yesterday in the morning. Only logged on to get the update and have a quick look around. Had 1250 cubits. When I logged on later I bought the skill page. Because I thought it would be good to have a page just for the exo planets. The box opened the 800 cubits left and I still only had the 3 pages. I was down to 450 cubits. Turned off the game and logged back in. Still nothing. Posted this in the forum and continued playing. Went to the Exo planet and gain another level. Before I bought the page I renewed my my gleam club. (The game did disconnect right after I did not sure it that was normal still got the gleam club)


I’ll check if I got the reset… I hope not. :man_facepalming:


Yep that must have been what I did. Lol. I’m a real genius.