New slingbow type


Wish we had a way to combine gems to make multi purpose slingbows. 3 of each gem and the same elemental fusion the gleambow totems used to make a rainbow looking slingbow. You can use on any world.


As a tear falls down my face Do you mean lance?

Edit: Oh you meant a new sling not a new weapon. Well ahh i already replied and the blunder has been done :joy:


I was thinking we should introduce a whole new line of slingbows. I still think it’s kinda weird we only really have the one weapon option and just different variations of it.

What if end game weapons were actual bows instead of slings? We could have a burning bow, chilling bow, blast bow, etc. a sling bow seems fitting for the beginning but if we could upgrade to an actual bow it would be awesome!

My initial thought would be a tier above the Lucents now which have a double elemental affinity. This next tier could combine the appropriate gem with the appropriate Lucent gem to create a more powerful version of a single element. Aka burning bow! It would have a different model and be the best thing against a t8 chilling creature and so forth.

Idea is not fleshed out but I think some input and discussion could turn this into a cool thing.



Here ya go bud! Would be epic!


Oh I want the lance too @RedY3!!! Just adding a new slingbow seems easier to me first lol. Hell yeah @Ratchel that’s what I want to see in game!!


Almost exactly what I was thinking. Thank you and good job ha! I was thinking about this the other day when I was trying to find the right bow for the hunt. I thought what If gem tiers instead of saying ruby slingbow said burning slingbow! But I’d really like a new weapon model and I think regular bows make sense.


I want an augment that concentrates fire of a shotgun slingbow


Forged grapple - new boon
Taser grapple. Stuns creature for .5 sec every 3 second.
Then add the poison grapple and Burn grapple.


Ooohhhh that would be a good one too. Drops cuttletrunk out the sky and stops spitters from firing??


A cluster augment for shotguns?? Makes the spread more percise!!! More compact??