New small Tool Shop

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Hey there.
I open a new shop for Gem Tools.
I dont have much, but i am working on it.

It starts actually with Diamand, Saphire and Topaz Tools.

You can find it on the Raxxa Planet at the Raxxa Market in Horizon city.

I hope you visit :smiley:

Dont have pictures now, but i will make for you Next days.

Shop name: Barney’s Tool Shop


I do 2 pictures for you… shop will be bigger in time :slight_smile:

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Brilliant, how much you selling Topaz shovels for? Are these blanks? Not forged?

Yeah its all blank in my shop… 900c hand to hand 10%
If i am online.

You can say me when you want to get it i give you…

For All.

All my tools are “Not Forged”. All of them are blank.

If anyone want to buy some, write to me. If i am online i can give you all 10 %.

Thanks for visit, everyone welcome :smiley:

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There is a portal now from my shop on Tana VII - Dk Mall to my Gem Shop on Raxxa Market