New Sovereign Issue [RESOVLED]

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I just ordered a T6 sovereign planet for PS4 and I’m unable to get on. The planet in sanctum is all grey and when i try to open a portal to it, it says Websocket Closed. Planet name is Memondra on US E close to Houchus I. Please help, thank you. @james @admins

Resolved: World Deployment Issue troubleshooted and fixed by James (Aug 10 @ 4:20pm)


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I think I remember this happening to me once, if it is the same thing, it resolved itself in about 15 min. I know it might not be though, but thought I’d mention it just in case!

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it’s been grey all morning since 9am CST and it’s 1:30pm now

Yikes, sorry to hear, hope it is resolved soon! :frowning:

Don’t happen to be running the planet scanner?

no, i don’t have that

Ok, nvm then. I have just had that error at times when running the scanner on Sovs.

Edit: completely missed the part where you said PS4… scanner only for PC.

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LOL forgot we have time zones for a minute I was scratching my head over that one.

Resolved, as per OP’s edit.