New store in Gyosha Mall!

I’m a fairly new player and just opened the doors of my first store in Gyosha Mall.

Essentially I will be exploring and mapping my atlases, and in the process gathering raw materials along the way. My store will sell the various raw materials I have gathered. I’d like to specialize in spicy beans as I know that’s a huge market in the game. Someone bought out all my stock already but my plan is to spend all weekend gathering and mass replenish on Monday. So look out for spicy beans here at a reasonable price.

The other item I’d like to consistently or semi consistently keep in stock, is explorers fists, for the obvious reasons of it being an exploration store and the name matches.

The thing setting my store apart will be my donation baskets in the basement. I have only mapped Trior. I have a lot of T1 planets to go to and during my first days, the more experienced players helping me around is what really drew me in to this game. Since then I’ve been swinging around worlds finding lone dots in the wild to see if it’s new player, I usually give them some basic supplies and try to lead them to a portal hub and give an explanation of what’s going on. Unfortunately I can’t fund that by itself. So here at this shop you can donate metal tools and basic food in the basement, and buy raw materials on the main floor. Both of this is to support the cause of growing the player base of the game!

I hope you enjoy my store as much as I’ve enjoyed building it, and if you have any suggestions please let me know.

Location: 1705N, -844E on Gyosha Ophin

Address: 21 Asteroid View