New T5 exo! (Sun Aug 11th)


keep thinking there’s a new exo when this topic keeps getting bumped up :stuck_out_tongue:


I would agree, if it had lasted more than 30 minutes. But to all be gone in that amount of time? Because you got on and got a good amount it seems it is screw those who can’t get any.

I’m asking for a increase for more Fairness so others can get, not just the ones who get the notice from a bot that many don’t get. I’m not a member of the discord and don’t get the bot, so I should go that is my fault? I should be forced to join a discord I don’t want to, have a bot pop up with notices of things I don’t have a interest in except for maybe one or two items?

Tell ya what, stop having the bot gives certain players a heads up, stop letting specific ones know when a exo planet has been released so they can get there ahead of others and clean it out. Have it where they find out when it shows up on the forum like the majority do, and then I will go it is fair.

It is just my opinion, but the haves go screw you, you are whining because you didn’t get any and I go here we have a select group getting a notice before the forum is told so they can get there and get it all. Then go keep it rare, we got ours so who cares.

It would be balanced, if we all found out at the same time, but not some who find out a lot earlier than others.

My opinion, no one has to agree with me on it. I would just like for everyone on the forum to find out at the same time; I didn’t know that those who get the bot notice find out before anyone else does, so that obviously makes it unfair, they have a advantage over the players who aren’t part of the discord and shouldn’t be forced to join it just so they can get a notice that a exo planet has been released before anyone else.

Fair, Equal, All treated the Same, No special treatment. That is a perfect balance – to me.

Let’s go I get to get into the store a hour ahead of everyone else and shop before the doors are unlocked and get that special item before anyone else can get it. You’d be pissed to find out the store owner let someone in ahead of you and they got to get them before the public had a chance. Not exactly the same, but you get the idea.

And this isn’t about me, but others, how many others have never gotten any resin since the farming started because those who get the bot notice are able to get to the planet and clean out whatever is there, whether it is resin, goo, exotic yam seeds or something else highly desired.

Was shopping today, saw resin for 2k a piece, fair price for a item that is perfectly balanced, rare, but accessible – for those that get the bot notice.


I think the major unfair part of a bot is that it is an “out of game” notification. It pings you on your phone without needing to be in game at all or online browsing the forums at the exact time that someone posts that a new exo has spawned.

For me, part of the annoyance for resin also comes from the ease at which it can be gathered. It’s far too easy to get - pop a piece in an atlas, run around the surface as quickly as possible with an AoE liquid breaker. Personally, I think a lot of the time the players that gather it, don’t generally need it, but they enjoy the rush of getting it before others do … and I admit, the only time I have gathered it, it was exhilarating to do so.

Sure players can buy it off of others, but then they miss out on a part of the gameplay loop… which is worsened after spending X amount of coins to get to the exo in the first place.


That’s the change I would make - don’t let it show on an atlas. It would still go quickly as the one time I got a bunch it was easy enough to see most of it from a distance, but you’d have to work more/longer for it, not just beeline to it, and people would probably miss some of the more concealed ones on the first passes.


Anyone know the cords on this planet for the supposed huge trees? I needs some sap!


There should be more resin on the worlds.
Or maybe a limit on how much you can gather in a day. After gathering 10 your liquid breaker stops working.


Maybe resin should just be the one resource that does regen on Exoworlds. Instead of putting caps or limits on the resource. Say like randomly respawn between every four to six hours till it disappears from the Universe.


What if resin came from trees, we could use a tap to extract?

Could have resin farms lol if we could plant trees


Another thought I had posted elsewhere on this - what if resin and petrolim were VERY rare drops from tree trunks and fossils respectively? I’m talking like one in 500-1000 odds for the resin, maybe one in 200-300 for the fossils, and only on the appropriate exos. That way, if you had persistence, you could farm them, and it would reward spending time going for other stuff - like, my mining trips on an exo could in total maybe yield a handful of petro as well with those odds, nice bonus.