New To Boundless- Episode Series (Videos) & Saying Hi!

Hey everyone I’m a new comer to Boundless but it has me totally consumed (little shocked actually). I have decided to create a video playlist on my YouTube channel with a main focus on showcasing the game as I’m loving it so far. Just started on a place called Cave City and having way too much fun (video up soon).

Look forward to learning more about the community, meeting other players, and seeing the great stuff people are building and going to build. Cheers!

(PS- How do you find your location coordinates?)

Boundless Playlist-


“.” or “,” (can’t remember which one) changes the interface and pressing it twice shows you the debug screen including your position.

And welcome to the community^^

Thank you!

“.” for debug information like coords ping server, time, players online on the server
“,” for infinite block mode

for more infoprmation look here


Great videos man! Looking forward to more!

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a good tip for you with ctrl & 0-9 you can change the time of day

so you can make better video`s

if you ste up the time with ctrl&5 you have all the time 12:00

1 morning
5 midday
0 evening

Thank you…more coming!

Great info thank you everyone!

Catch me in Episode #3 where I get all excited about the things I have learned and a big shout out to the community…cheers!


Great videos! I love watching people explore and discover things :smile:

If you’re at a loss on how to craft anything, check out

Looking forward to seeing what you do with Cave City in episode #3!

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#3 is up and thank you for the kind words…loving the game!

Saw your videos too now :slight_smile: great work!

I really really like Episode 3. I think that’s rare, that a game episode publisher shows about forum stuff and community. The community so far is pretty nice to be honest. Also the work together with the dev’s, talking about bugs, finding solutions, judging art concepts or even creating settlements.

Think the interaction with the community in this forum is a big fun.

Keep on binding that into your videos. I really liked that, and since is an alpha is nice to see that gamers can constructively influence the final version a bit.

All in all it’s good publicity and worth to mention.

Thumbs up! Looking forward to see new stuff from you.

There are by the way already super nice builds of players. Think if you ask for it, you can get some coordinates, if you want to show that. People here would probably welcome to see something in nice youtube vids :smile:

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Thank you and I love the idea of showcasing some of the amazing builds and builders especially as new features are added.

Welcome! Liking the content, Keep it up! :slight_smile: :lester:

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Okay Episode #4 on it’s way and big thanks to @Semiroundpizza8 @Jenndragonfly @FrostyCupCakes and @sikerow for their help…video up very soon! (PS had to use a little photo shop action on @sikerow :smile:


Hehe awesome

Okay guys EPISODE #4…again thanks to @Semiroundpizza8 , @Jenndragonfly, @FrostyCupCakes, and @sikerow . If anyone here has something great they would like me to look at and possibly showcase in a video please let me know. Cheers!


Lol, I spent hours gathering and cataloging all those blocks but I never get credit on that damn block depot! I’m putting 100% of the blame on @Jenndragonfly :stuck_out_tongue:.

Also @DarkRepulsor made the amazing fancy sign.

*EDIT (also, that was 98% sarcasm not hating on you Jen :P)


I told them you were the master mind behind gathering all the blocks and organizing them, all I did was make a pyramid :wink: I hope he can mention you in the next vid! :+1:

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Apocalyptica is one of the blockhunter XD she was one of the fastest with collecting all gleam block’`s

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