GUIDE - A getting started guide for new players

We’ve had a steady stream of new players – welcome to the Oortiverse!

There is a bare-bones Getting Started guide to Oort Online over on the wiki (veterans, please feel free to add/edit!).

Basics of Exploration

From lush, rainy forest peaks to simmering, dusty desert hills, the worlds of Oort Online cover a wide variety of biomes and terrain. Do yourself a favor and craft a Grappling Hook and Healing Block for faster/safer travel. Watch out for drops into deep chasms, pools of lava, and swinging yourself from tall cliffs!

WASD movement
SPACE jump / swim (ascend underwater)
SHIFT crouch (prevents you from falling off the edge of blocks) (descend underwater)
LEFT CLICK destroy block
RIGHT CLICK place block
O/ESC open menu
P open world list
, toggle infinite blocks mode
. cycle UI mode / view debug info
F12 take screenshot (saved in Steam library)
TAB Inventory
SHIFT + LEFT MOUSE CLICK in the Inventory for moving a Block between Inventory and Crafting Inventory

Grappling Hook Controls

**LEFT CLICK** attach to surface (reticle will turn red when in range) **RIGHT CLICK** detach **HOLD SHIFT** lengthen rope **HOLD SPACE** shorten rope

Basics of Building

Gather materials by breaking blocks and adding them to your inventory. Use i to toggle infinite mode.

Sloped blocks

For sloped Blocks you need to craft a Chisel and then you can sculpt suitable blocks directly
Chisel Video

Walls, Slabs, & Stairs

In addition to sloped blocks, some blocks (timber, stone chunk) can be crafted into slabs (half height), walls (half width), and stairs.

Doors & Hatches

Using timbers, you can also make doors (opens horizontally) and hatches (opens vertically). Doors/hatches can be up to 8 blocks tall/long, and will automatically open together if placed in a double-door arrangement.

Basics of Crafting

At present, all crafting is done inside your inventory. See Crafting for a list of crafting recipes, and Block Colors by World for a list of materials and which worlds to find them on.

Requesting a Beacon

Beacons are protective fields that prevent other players from placing or destroying blocks on your creations. Once you've picked a spot for your house/castle/village/bunker/whatever, head on over to the [Beacon Request][5] thread to have the game developers set up a beacon for you.

If you have any questions, are looking for players to interact with, or have some ideas you’d like to share & discuss with the Oort Online community, then you’re in the right place!!


Sticky request, @ben ! This topic is much needed for new players. Great job @DarkRepulsor :slight_smile:


The basics of using a Grappling Hook-

Left click - Attach to a surface (your target will turn red when it is close enough to deploy)
Right click - Dettach
Hold down Shift - lengthen your rope
Hold down Spacebar - Shorten your rope

It does not have the ability to let you get onto a surface that is even with your hook, yet.
When you are attached to a surface, you can switch to another block and place/destroy as you need.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: Jenn

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For Infinite items for all blocks you pick up, hit the “I” key!
(the numbers next to each item disappear and it will be a blank circle when it is activated)

Also…does anyone know what the sling shot does? I have found zero use for it yet…

How to get screen shots, debug info, etc.

Hit the “.” (period) key on your keyboard once to hide the UI (for screenshots)
twice to get to the debug screen for all the info of the game
three times for …I think its a graph? (sorry dont know what info is yet)
and four times to make it disappear


For screenshots hit F12 to take it and it will keep it in folder in steam…go to Oort in your library and scroll down till you see the screenshots!


The Slingshot is an Weapon. One of the 3 first weapons ingame and only placeholders. Either that or the Ammo for the Weapon I forgott it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I destroyed the environment for 4 hours before finding out that you can hit “i” and have infinite of any item in your inventory.


Perhaps this Topic should be a Discourse ‘wiki’ post e.g. any “basic” level user can edit it?
What do you think @DarkRepulsor?

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@OortSimon Sounds great, let’s do it. Users, if you edit this post, please also add your changes to the OO Wiki Getting Started page.

@Jenndragonfly I’d missed those! They have been added now. Thanks!

@Rowena It used to be that you started off with a small number of each block – I spent a month building by depleting what it gave me, killing myself, and repeating before I learned about infinite mode. :grin:


The top Topic post for this thread is now a Discourse ‘wiki’, and any sufficiently privileged user (anybody except ‘New Users’) can edit it.

To edit it just click on the green pencil at the top of this page.

Control day-night cycle for lighting

Hold down Control and then hit any number 1 - 9 to change the time of day or night in game. I use 6 most often, it is midday

It’s worth noting that changing the time this way also changes the weather. If you’re tired of rain, try switching to another time of day (or night)!

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Control + 0-9

is the correct ^^

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Thanks a lot for this guide it is very helpful :rose:

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The information about sloped blocks is now out of date. You need to craft a chisel and then you can sculpt suitable blocks directly. See here.

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This is truly, very much appreciated!

Does the “i” for infinite blocks still work? I haven’t been able to get it to work for whatever reason.

It’s “,” now ^^

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you need to update this thread now i think