New to the game, looking for a guild

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Hello, I’m new to the Boundless community, bought the game yesterday and I’ve already set up a few small bases, now I’m looking for people to play with! If you have a guild accepting newer players, let me know! :smiley:


Well feel free to come take at look at The Sunlight Guild on trior. We are all daily players here :+1:t2: And we love new players and old alike!
Happy to at least help ya out if wanted :hugs: Also not an enormous guild, so plenty of help and time to go around. Either way enjoy boundless!

Welcome to Boundless. Mind me asking what brought you to the game? Also, PC or PS4?

Looked like an interesting game, plus seeing gameplay footage of the portals in-game initially was probably the most satisfying portal system I’ve ever seen in a game lol, I’m playing on PC.


Not to sidetrack your convo too much ( I am sure you’ll receive plenty of guild invites) but I’d mention that this game is amazing to play with real life friends also, so if you have anyone in mind, now would be a good time for them to start so that you all can progress together.


Do you have the Discord app? Highly recommend joining the community there and taking a look around the official Discord server


Yeah, I’ve talked to a few of my friends IRL about it, they seem interested, but I’ll probably just end up gifting it to them when it goes on sale again lol.


Indeed I do, I’ll join the discord now.

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Welcome to Boundless!! It’s a fun game and an amazing community!!! If you ever need help or have questions just ask!! We all love to help!!

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Welcome! :fist_right::boom::fist_left:


Always excepting newbs. But at a price…
Info at Reapers on Gyosha Ophin.

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Ditto all this - Welcome!! :slight_smile: Glad to have you aboard!!

There are some really good ones in alder. Me( fireborn nomads, Sasquatch, Reapers and adult. :). Come make this planet the best! :laughing:

Hello, and welcome!

“Vader, I’ll face him myself “ lol couldn’t resist :laughing: been playing to much star wars

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Welcome Buddy!

Welcome. I would say try figure out first hours by yourself…
This game is actually rly complex when it comes to higher level stuff.

If you join to a guild right away you prolly are getting "too much"help and you dont learn a thing.

This is why i hate when first thing people are throwing some diamond aoe hammers to new players

So many new players joining <3
Welcome! Here’s to hoping you become as horribly obsessed as the rest of us :laughing: :angel:

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