New Tool Ideas: Surveying and Lootsticks

I’ve been playing for a while and I feel like the game could use a few new tools.

1.) Surveying & Base Building: We need a tool that lets you measure space without having to sit there and count it, like a tape measure, but can go vertically/horizontally, allowing you to measure a square/rectangle of space by simply looking at it, using the tool, and dragging around your screen.

2.) Lootsticks - A Tool Dedicated for the Task: Essentially, I think it’s a little ridiculous to be forced to pull up the Debugging Menu or the Places Menu if I want to see my location information, such as Altitude, especially while mining. It’d be nice to have a Depth Meter tool and/or a tool that can pulse when you’re looking in the direction of a targeted material, making mining more like a minigame than a hunt-and-peck operation. If we had a tool that did both of those things it would definitely be the unrivaled lootstick for all miners… And it would be awesome. A version that pulses for a specified type of creature or plant would be a nice alternative for other play styles.


Like Valheim but with more functionality. I love the idea- would definitely create a more immersive mining experience since you’ll need to use your eyes to find prospective hotspots then get close to them before your tool verifies the discovery. Though I have a feeling it wouldn’t be well received by forgers who mine their own gems.

Surveying sounds great too!

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I thought they had some improvements for the Atlas coming in this update that might help with point 2.