New Tool : Scythe

As the current tools when your removing grass have a habit of knocking holes in the ground as well may I suggest adding a scythe.

The scythe would only effect the grass and have no damaging effects on blocks, this would make it easier and faster to clear out larger areas when foundation building.



would be a pretty nice idea, but hopefully scythe is also going to be a weapon so im not sure how the 2 would combine xD


I think Ideally grass should be removed when a block is placed on top. I know that at the moment it pokes through, but I don’t think that’s intended. Still, a scythe would be a useful tool when harvesting farms later in the game, particularly if it had an area of effect where it gathered a few blocks in semi-circular area in front of the user. This added effect doesn’t have to keep it from being used as a weapon, either :wink:

It can has a switch between two modes: harvest mode (with blade down) and combat mode (with blade up)

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There is quite a big difference on a scythe produced with the intention of combat and a scythe made to harvest with :slight_smile:

maybe, what would you name them if it was the case? combat scythe and harvest scythe?

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That is a good point :slight_smile:

Maybe use a sickle instead of a scythe for harvesting grass and such?

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It’s named “war scythe” and just “scythe” (Le?)

“Polish scythemen 1863” by Unknown - Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

We are talking about something more like this

Explore Dark Johnson

yours looks more like a warglaive.

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Sickle would be a great idea, then it also makes sense if its area isnt too big.

Cool idea. Maybe something to bundle in with a farming update in the future? A new tool.


I do hope they give certain tools weapon status as well, because a battle-ax is just as good for tree chopping as it is for skull crushing.

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Excellent :slight_smile: , now if you can add a model like this it would be perfect :wink:

i vote for sickles as thorbjorn mentioned so we can keep scythes as a weapon

A spin off from having a sickle/scythe could also be thatching for roof materials, cut then dry and use.


thatching? how do you imagine that working in the game?

Nothing complex just as a block texture to use for roofing.