New tool shop total tools

Now that I have managed to gather some resources and remember how to forge I’ve opened a small shop selling tools - mainly t6/t7 hammers, focusing on speed.

Shop is still being finished but can be reached via the arie hub

Just outside I also have a shop selling other goods including ores, bars and gems.

Happy to add items if requested and alternative tools etc


Any chance you do bulk order deals and custom orders for other forged tools? :slight_smile:

I am going to have to come visit this shop - just because one of the shops I go to in real life is called Total Tools :slight_smile:


T6/T7 speed hammers are always in need, i think its perfect choice for only 1 assortment :smiley:

but i think there are many to pick durability over speed :smiley:

Don’t mind making dura hammers if there’s demand. As I have limited time in game I prefer to mine as quickly as possible.

Process is the same really so easy to mix it up a bit

I’m trying to avoid commiting to larger custom orders mainly to avoid burnout. I did previously end up spending 80% of my time just stocking my forge shop and making orders.


Shops been restocked , including shovels durability hammers and lower tier tools.

Prices reduced slightly on some hammers

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