New Trailer!

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i love you’re community trailer!! great and fun work


Mental note to make a suggestion post that farts be implemented ingame


Will be a great emote!


I’ve been working on this all week, in the evenings :slightly_smiling_face:
I hope you enjoy it :+1:


I like how you displayed what you can do in the game, building, combat, etc :smiley:


Love it Vex, you hit this one out of the ballpark! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ll share this one too, thanks for doing these!


It’s a nice try, @majorvex. Some pretty cool editing. Though I don’t know much about that myself, so my opinion there doesn’t weight much.

However, I see some problems.

• It’s basically only one character in the video. Since Boundless is an MMO, a good trailer should require a lot of different characters playing together, building together, trading, etc.

• You spent too much time on what you can do, how long the recipe list is, extensively.
Instead, I think you should be selling dreams. The original Boundless video had voice acting, but it also was showcasing some insanely beautiful community builds. That’s what sold the game to me, anyway.
Look at how the original trailers shows you trading. They don’t show you the UI of trading. They show you a build that reflects the idea of a trading place.

• The sudden change in music feels odd. Overall, the choice of music seems very different from what Wonderstruck took. I mean, again, it’s very subjective, but I like how the original trailer I saw was calm, relaxing. It gave a feeling of serenity and wonder. And you pretty much get the same vibe from the more recent PS4 trailers too.
Yours kinda reminds me of a tech-demo… I dunno how to describe it. But it way too different.

The part I thought was nice was the building part at the beginning. It was most captured though someone else’s perpective. But it was also too long.


very nice @majorvex


Thank you for your critique Goblinounours :+1: I’m a total noob at creating & editing videos, so I’m learning/teaching myself as I go.

I’d like to respond/elaborate on a few points…

This is exactly :star: what I one of my goals were. When I’m looking for a new building game or MMO, I personally love to know what I can do. (I am planning to make some “tour” videos that showcase some of the amazing builds in Boundless to show what the possibilities are.)

I did not want to copy the original trailers because I wanted to present the game, in it’s current state. I don’t want people misled into thinking there are NPCs or other players standing at shops all day, waiting to trade because that’s not what happens. I had seen a lot of comments elsewhere that people didn’t think the current trailers out there represented the current game very well.

I wanted to use more up-beat, youthful, exciting music overall - for the trailer. I used fight music for the fight scenes = to give it a sense of urgency.

I asked on the forums for players to allow me to record them building & was very thankful for the ones that did :slightly_smiling_face:

I planned to keep the video to 2:30 minutes or so, but there are so many awesome things you can do in the game, I didn’t think 3:46 minutes was too long (by much lol).

I wanted to make something a bit different & try to capture the current feel/state of the game. I think people watch more than one trailer/video when making their decision & so they’ll see other ones that you mentioned too :+1: You never know what’s going to be the hook for a player looking to invest in a new MMO. Everyone is different :wink:


Really liked the trailer you made. Shows well the gameplay. Also liked that dropping into a water part ^^