New Trailer!

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:boundless::boundless::boundless: I make a call:boundless::boundless::boundless:

Boundless needs a real good trailer.
A trailer with recent images of the game, a staging, a vision of all richness of the game.

Because trailer of the game on steam is obsolete :weary:.

I appeal to people who likes to create video content, to YOUTUBERS who post video on boundless, DEVELOPPERS of this game, organize a BIG CONTEST to create the best video trailer of boundless.

Let’s get together to create a trailer that is unanimous.

:+1::fire::+1:Please like this post as much as possible so that it becomes reality.:+1::fire::+1:

The developers please help us organize this contest, the winner will be selected by the vote of the player and will see that video widely diffused to promote the game.

Whatever your nationality, let’s build :rainbow: together :rainbow:
Citizens of the boundless universe I count on you.

that the community is strong.


I agree 100%. I really don’t like the trailer and to be honest I would not have bought the game had that been the case. I love the intro to Jiivita’s video and think it would make a far better trailer.


I always liked this one best

this one is good to


also a new opening loading screen and screenshots as they are all from the pre 1.0 version

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I’d like to preface this video:

A. It’s not a trailer. It’s for people that are new to the game or have never played it.

B. I am an amateur at non-static content (videos, streaming, etc). My background is in vector graphics & front/back-end for websites. I’ve made other videos for other games, but never felt compelled to upload them. (Besides the hidden/NDA ones which are just alpha gameplay).

C. If you hate it, please don’t flame me lol. My content will improve, with time. I promise :grin:


Great job on the video! It is very informative, I wish this was out when I first started
I was once confused about how beacons/plots worked (of course I figured it out lol)


This is wonderful! :slight_smile: Although I didn’t watch the entire video, I can see that this is exactly what I think a few people I’ve got intrigued with Boundless but not yet sold may need to see - a great introduction and overview. Mind if I share this one?


Thank you & please do!


Thanks, going to go Tweet this now! :slight_smile:


You know, this is a great idea. What is extremely funny is I found out about this from one of those “ games you must buy in 2018” you tube videos. I sent it to my friend and we got it because it looked like a better Minecraft. I seen no trailer. I’m wondering what kind of marketing they have put into this game. They say they are on target about the user base. I would love to see a bigger user base , BUT we can’t even have a planet support what we have now with 60 people on it half of the time.

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The trailer that brought me to Boundless is about 70% made of things that have been removed from the game or are being workshoped.
Big monsters, blocks, cities, clothes…
I whole-heartedly agree that it’s wrong to still have a trailer with so obsolete on Steam.

But MAYBE we should wait for the farming update and/or the update where they’ll add furniture and clothing back (let’s hope that doesn’t happen in 2 years, though).


I think the trailers used for the game should reflect what’s in the game, so either get rid of the trailers containing the huge floating titans (or whatever they are called), but thats probably not the best idea, so i suggest adding them to the game, we have known about them long enough! Furthermore, where’s Aquarias? That planet was first mentioned in December 2018 wasn’t it? We have had plenty of other planets, but still no Aquarias :disappointed:

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New trailer? I can do that give me some money for a voice actor


I am sure that a member of boundless community has the voice you are looking for! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

:muscle: :muscle: let’s create together :muscle: :muscle:

LOVE what you’ve done there with the video! Excellent job!!


OK let’s go


Okay here’s my trailer. @james that planetary fog would have been nice. And green atmospheric lighting would be key. :ok_hand:


Epic!! :joy:


thats a completely new angle alright :rofl: