New Type of Essence - Plants

Just some ideas to spitball ^^

I love farming, but there’s not a whole lot of things to do with the farming products, not to mention many of the farming products are obtainable via other activates (like earthyams :earthyam: :waxyearthyam: :exoticearthyam:). There are also plenty of surface-gathered plant products that don’t have many uses like petals. This got me thinking about how it would be nice if there was a universal alternative use for plant based stuff that could be used for lots of new stuff down the road and maybe open up alternative recipes for current things.

May first thought / inspiration was vital essence… plants are alive… why not? However this would disrupt the mechanic that keeps animal products having some minimal base value… the very thing im hoping for plants… not good to fix one problem by unfixing another… so ok some sort of plant extract / essence… in fact there was such a product in the early days… “Fibrous Plant Extract” if memory serves… it was used for making cloth and was extracted from fibrous leaves. So running with that thought, make all plants extractable to… Living Essence? or simplify it to fibrous extract/essence? for making cloth and then add more uses for cloth. New forging gums/items could also make use of the new essence.

What to use it for? Bags, belts, storage sacks? Smart stacks are great… but more inventory is always a welcome addition! I’m not sure how i feel about bags that sit in the player inventory that then gives more inventory… seems like it would end up a mess… but if we ever get stuff like equipment slots for armor/accessories… slots for bags/backpacks that expand the inventory would be welcome. While im not crazy about filling my inventory with bags, one idea i do really like is a tool-bet that would open up much like a smart stack and would hold a number of equipment stacks inside it… going to an exo? take up to 9 smart stacks of tools while only taking up one slot! Maybe a more realistic option would be more close-storage-containers to decorate with… much like the wicker storage but things like sacks of grain, flower, or other such products… storage slots wouldn’t be huge but it would add addition decoration options :grin:

Building blocks! Cloth based blocks… so, ok, carpet? might be interesting… could have a nice muffled sound for foot steps lol. Decorative cloth blocks for rugs etc. One idea i find really interesting is… think glass panes, but for cloth! this would be great for flags and banners! Now i know what you’re thinking… a flap of cloth that is as stiff as adamantine? So apply a shader to it to mimic being blown in the wind… much like how grass and crops currently waves in wind ^^ this might make for some really cool sails for ships. Another idea following banners would be cloth signs, though reading text on wind blown cloth might not be a great user experience (or possible for the engine) but it’s a thought and i really like the idea of putting emojis on flags / banners if it can be worked out :grin:

anyway, i welcome your thoughts and ideas on the topic :heart:


I just wow I love it

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