New updates to the Boundless Wiki!

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Hey everyone,

I know some quite older threads covered some of this topic then, but rather than digging up a year plus old thread I decided to post a new one.

I have just added some of the updated Forging system into the Boundless wiki, and also made it so you can actually navigate to it. There was very little into the forging information on the wiki, so I used an organized format for everything I made (dosen’t match 100% the style of what little was already there on the topic, but Honestly the info being there and organized is more important than style IMO, style can be sorted later).

If you go to and head into the “crafting” section, there is now a new Forging subsection, it gives a very brief overview now for what forging is and will link you to the centraforge, forging, and forging crafting materials pages which now have more details about the forging process.

The guide under “centraforge” page is written by @Vansten, I included a few minor edits due to me not being able to upload a picture with this computer (work laptop), and to reference information elsewhere in the wiki. (I’m hoping to get those pictures into it Vansten this weekend, but I never know how busy my weekend is until it happens lol)

The Forging page holds information about all the Boons, Quirks, and Defects in the game currently (I was working with existing pages because I am not sure if or how to retroactively rename links other pages might make, I’m still learning the whole wiki editing thing).

The forging crafting materials page lists all the ingredients used for crafting (not the item you forge itself of course :wink:). This page is very incomplete right now, I worked through a fair bit of it, but since I don’t have all the ingredients in game I am unable to accurately enter each item’s description, vigour, and stability costs. I will be trying to find this information, but digging through the forums has been quite labor intensive lol.

Why start with forging? Well, two major reasons. First it’s what I tend to want to look up information for and the forums are scattered with a mix of up to date, and outdated information across 5 or more different threads. So by updating the Wiki, there is one place with all the info instead of multiple threads. Secondly, it is arguably the (currently) most complex system that the average player is likely to encounter, and would wish to learn more about. As such, it would likely server a greater need in a quick fashion.

Ok, but honestly I think every page on the site needs updates, fine combed, and added too (Soooo much is still missing from just the launch version, let alone what we have gotten since then). I’m going to continue to add what I can over the coming weeks, and hopefully get the wiki into a more functional state at the very least.

I need help, I know in the past at the very least people added things (the site is not empty, just incomplete). This is easily a five person job, maybe more. So if anyone is interested, pick a spot, dig in and start adding the missing things. As long as we keep our pages organized, and reference the other pages within the wiki when appropriate, this site will be usable by newer and veteran players alike.

PS I don’t know how to get front page edit access to this wiki, not that I need it but I had originally wanted to put forging on the front page (since it is likely to be an often searched subject) but it fit well into crafting I suppose so I just made it a short intro sub section and branched out into the existing pages on the subject instead of creating a new page on the subject.


Awesome work mate! Doing everyone a service by working on it!


Thanks, I spent quite a while on it today, multitasking at work lol.