NEW VIDEO - Livestream Recap #2 - What did we get up to?

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Hey Oortlings, hope your weekends are going well!

If you didn’t know, I have started a Let’s Play Livestream, where I started from scratch with no coin or any items. The plan is to ‘Zero to Hero’ it - I have lots of plans for the series, I have listed some of them in the description of the YouTube video :slight_smile:

After each of my livestreams, I plan to make a short recap video to just sum up what we got up to, for those who missed it or just didn’t watch it :smiley:

I personally love watching livestreams, but don’t always have the time to watch the entire thing, so I thought making a little recap video afterwards was a good idea :+1:

IF you want to catch me when I go live, the best way to be notified is to subscribe to my YouTube channel and flick on that notification bell, and you’ll get a notification as soon as I’m live :wink:

Hope you enjoy!


Great Video as always, can’t wait for the next.

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Thanks buddy! :smiley:

Thanks! :smiley:

I love the design of the spark running under the glass walk way. BEAUTIFUL!

I can’t wait for us to get started on the build. It’s tomorrow, right?

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Another great video!

Beautiful idea to make a short video recap of a live stream, I really enjoy it!!

Thankyou! I wanted to deisnged the layout of the machines and then realised that I need space for spark afterwards… so I though “I’ll just chuck it in the floor” :smiley:

The building project has been delayed till later on in the week I think, Karo couldn’t make it

@saram50 - Cheers Sara :smiley:

@EdWe - Thanks mate! I just thought it would be the type of thing I’d like to watch, so why not start it :smiley:

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