New World Forging Needs a Second Look


I’m an experienced forger. I’m seeing a problem with the efficiency of the new tools being 39 when we are used to 200. We aren’t going to be able to forge the new tools even close to what we were able to before.
I think they need to change this… Is anyone else seeing this problem?



I think it’s in “testing” for a reason…


yeha i think it’s a problem aswell


I called it enjoy the poor forging for a tool that will only last 1 hour of meteor hunting.


Well it’s supposed to be a rare resource and t7/8 planets won’t be constant since they will be exo worlds. So I don’t see why the forging of it shouldn’t be harder. Last thing we need is more op tools for t6 to tear through the blocks faster. Cause I’d imagine it would 1 shot t6 ores. They should be weapons you want to save to use on t7/8 planets. But again it’s in testing and we have no real idea what their thought is on the efficiency on them without them actually stating it


That’s the same as if you were trying to forge a totem or a wayfinder lol if the dmg is godly then a change isnt needed because you got to counter it some how to be honest. I’m honestly hoping it doesnt change much. Everyone can forge 3x3 T6 hammers and look where the market is for them.


@FireAngelDth I couldn’t agree more, the forging of the new tools should be harder. They have taken it wayy to far. To forge this tool to make it hit 3 by 3 with close to similar damage and no durability it almost impossible. By doing this post I hope the devs notice that they took this one a little far. It’s not going to be worth forging them at all.


The rarity of the ore/materials should be the main thing that makes it harder. Not an even more sadistic RNG experience. Anything under 120 I disagree with and that is me trying to be nice/understanding about the situation, as I would prefer not below 160.


I would assume this is because people were taking advantage of forging…

On the T7 Exo world a simple diamond hammer can 2 shot a block for a mostly speced character… that is more than acceptable…


Shouldn’t emerald be harder to forge than diamond then sense harder to get? It shouldn’t be 200 like diamond which is VERY easy to get now.


Or sapphire which is 197 it should be a lot lower compared to them or equal to topaz or both lower sense they are both extremely easy to get


If going to make it harder for “rare” materials shouldn’t it be that way all around? Not just for the new items?


yeah i don’t think they balanced this around the availability but how strong the item is. But passing from 197 diamond hammer on test server to a 39 for rift hammer is a bit too much a big gap. As soon as you get an aoe boon on them its worst than forged gem tool since you lose 60% of it’s damage and can’t add damage via forging due to the low effectiveness.


Very well said. That is my point too. Its not even going to be worth forging the new material. Or there is a way to have infinite turns on the forge so you can max out those hammers but the hammer would end up being like 60k… Nobody would want that.


Everyone will be just building with the new gems. Or selling. Or they will be 200k to 500k for one tool or bow if forging is that difficult


If diamond is 197 on test the “strongest” Umbris should match or at least 190. Not 39


Anyone try stacking them with diamond or emerald tools or slings?


Doesn’t work, first thing I tried when I saw the low effectiveness.


Max effectiveness for topaz is 120 now? am I doing something wrong? Seems like the only thing worth forging is diamond


They obviously don’t want players crafting 3x3, 1 hit hammers with the new materials - they’re probably worried about high tier exoplanets being mined out too quickly. It’s the only reason I can think of to justify the low effectiveness.

Can you use the old trick of adding a diamond hammer first, and then adding other gem hammers in the same batch to use the diamond hammer effectiveness?