New World Forging Needs a Second Look


Is it even possible to forge gem weapons the way we could before this update? Considering the effectiveness has been dropped so severely.


I haven’t skipped a beat in forging mine. :man_shrugging:t2:


So you dont feel that anything’s changed? Just the number you see


I haven’t either. I’m still shooting out Tier 7 hammers regularly.


No change here. James was true his word


And the change to deck limit was intentional? I dont see anything about it in the patch notes


What deck limit? Nothing has changed there either as far as I know…


I have a deck limit in mine. The begin forging is darkened and under it says reached deck limit remove some ingredients. Until I remove 4 things from my deck and am down to 6 of the 10 available it wont let me forge.


Check your skill page, and make sure the forge epic is not removed.

This didn’t change for me either.


That was it. Dont recall doing that but thank you for the help😁


No problem!