New World: Oortulus [Worldbuilder]

Hey Oortarians,

because of the comments of the last Toppic I decidet to do a new Toppic with all the Pictures reuploadet. Here’s my World “Oortulus” made in the Worldbuilder.

Thanks to @Squidgy who explained me how to use the Worldbuilder with his Worldbuilder Tutorials! You’re Awesome :wink: Here, have a cookie! :cookie:

Click here for the Worldbuilder Tutorial by Squidgy, it does help a lot ^^


##Old Mosy Ocean Reefs


##Destroyed Mountains

##Deep Ocean

#Final World View
(I have encountered an Bug in the Worldbuilder that pervent Caves from being shown (and maybe even generated) in the Final World View, thats why the Destroyed Mountains are completely normal)


Good job :slight_smile: I really like the canyon biome but in my oppinion you should use darker sand for that. I think it would look more fitting :wink:

You dont have the Option right now, thats the darkest sand you can choose.

Edit: Forget it… xD

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Okay there is Dark, ash like Sand, but its looks horrible at other Places then the Canyon and you can only choose the Colors of the Whole World not for an specific Biome, so even the Sand in the Ocean or at lakes is ash-dark Sand and that doesnt fit at all, tht’s the reason I used that light colored Sand ^^

First I thought about an Red-colored Sand Type (Like the Grand Canyon) but there is no Red colored Sand, only Pink ^^

Yeah I forgot about the other sandy parts ^^ I hope they consider adding more block colors (would be pretty helpful for the world I’m currently making)

Also an Option to color spesific Biomes instead of World colors ^^

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Pretty please ^^
would this be possible to do in the near future @ben @james @devs ?
And also when is the world builder update with the new grass features going to be released?

Hopefully we can release the latest World Builder in the release we have coming next week.

Not sure about Biomes specific colours. The engine is currently setup for world specific colours. Feels like it could be quite a bit of effort without a huge win. ( @lucadeltodecso would know.)

Potentially the biggest issue with biome specific colours would be that it could confuse players. Eg: Why is sand red here and green here? Could be easily confused from a distance. Having the same palette on a single world means you ‘learn’ it once, and there’s consistency. There’s always the option to use a different resource or block type to introduce new colours :slight_smile:


Well since there will be different colors on different worlds anyways, I think it would be fine.

You don’t know how badly I want to live in the Destroyed Mountains world :frowning:

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I love this world @Opulus ! Looks really great. Some interesting ideas.

As for biome specific colours, I agree with a no on totally different colours however it would be nice to be able to add a darker or lighter variant of the main colour you chose for grass. (So slightly darker red in forest biomes but normal red everywhere else for example)

I think one more tree colour option would be nice too. So 3 altogether.

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I can only second this! ^^ BUT, we need red sand or better, red sandstone because I’m sure my world is not and won’t be the only one with an Canyon and Canyons should be slightly red.

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