Newcastle little shop now open!

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Restocked with 10,500 Oort Shards, 13c each.
Also have snowballs, completed Lasaina atlases, and a shop portal in Boori PS hub. East side, Middle row, South end.

Will have more stock soon once I figure out what stuff I don’t need. Feel free to take a look upstairs and make a request for any item up there. I will beat any genuine competitor price! (On any item I’m willing to sell.)

Edit: Just like that, they’re all gone! (Approximately 5 minutes haha. Clearly I need to raise my price.)


Depends on what you feel they are worth. At 13c it comes out to 180.55 per Oort stone. Which is middle ground on those. Usually I can find stone between 165-210. Of course I’m not factoring in spark cost/repair costs. To me those don’t really matter :sweat_smile:. But I can say people regularly sell me Oort stone at 160-177. I haven’t tried buying shards tho. I prefer to process my own Oort to shards


Yeah spark is virtually free, and I also prefer to process it myself as it really helps level my crafter.
At some point (level 100, 150?) I’ll probably start selling the stone direct.

It was mostly a joke as well. I have 2 friends that are happy to buy it all at that price, so I’ll need to find other things to sell. Or close the “shop”.