Newcastle little shop now open!

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Come by and check out our new store.
Currently not a lot of stock, so I will update this as we expand.

Restocking with thousands of Oort shards every day. Save me the trouble of travelling across the universe to request baskets, and come buy the cheapest portal fuel around!

2250 Oort shards restocked.
Won’t have more for around 36 hours now though, as I didn’t hunt today.

Im really curious how much is your shards?
If you advertise those as cheapest

They are 14c each. If you click the link he has it’ll show you the price on all the items in his store and quantity.

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Ah ok thx. Not cheapest tough lol

Well according to he is. But if you have a spot to go for them cheaper I’d suggest keeping it to yourself otherwise they’ll probably never be in stock again because everyone will start going there.


Im unwilling to trust boundlesstrade after i have travelled multiple times to location to buy stuff then there is not even civilization.
Its not trustworthy as you can but whatever in there

But ye off topic

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I only trust the timers when they are above 2days till expired. If it’s under I won’t bother going.

Good luck with your shop @Xaviien


Cheapest in the known world. If you have proof they aren’t, I’d be more than happy to lower the price for you.

Actually not off-topic. I would hazard a guess that you’ve missed a “-” somewhere and ended up on the entirely wrong side of a planet, if there is no sign of civilisation. Lately I’ve been fulfilling scan requests and trading arbitrage, and the only issue I’ve run into is underground shops with no entrance, and no way of knowing where the portal is to get in. There’s a LOT of money to be made, and a new service to be provided.
More on topic, I use the scanner app myself, so the only time it’s likely to be incorrect is when I haven’t been online for a while. Such as now, since someone bought me out whilst I was picking my kids up. I’ve just logged back in to update inventory though, so the website is up to date again.

It’s a great price mate. I may have bought you out :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have tax epic? 14c is the point where you start to pay tax with tax epic.

If you have tax epic, you could price at 13c and still make 13c per shard. Pricing at 14c still makes you 13c per shard, so you may as well avoid the tax man and give your customers a slightly better deal.

Buugi, there’s a few tricks to using boundlesstrade - as others have stated, don’t bother too much with listings more than a day old (go to shops that list as 2d _h). Also, I usually don’t try and go for the cheapest few items (unless it’s large amounts of stock). Look for a price that you’re happy to pay that has large quantities. Chasing the low ball sales is rather futile in my experience.


Thanks heaps for the heads up Econo.
I’m pretty sure I don’t have tax epic on any of my characters yet. I’ll check my builds and add it to one of them. I’m currently restructuring my “build”, so if I’ve gotta open the shop using a different character it will be no problem.
If you would like, I can save up and sell all my excess shards to you?

No probs, happy to help.

I always have a couple request baskets buying oort shards @13c at the Thrilloilogy shop (not Sydney City Market). I can make sure they have sufficient coin to buy any surplus you want to sell, but you should probably keep some in your shop to generate some footfall too :grin:

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Same at Nova Golda Market! 2 baskets with 13k in each. Also 2 baskets for rough oort, buying 200 each day!

Haha 40c a day footfall is hardly worth worrying about!
There’s some decent coin to be made from oort shard request baskets, but all the running around gets old pretty quick.
If there are no decent orders for 15c plus, I’ll drop it all off to you. At least it’s a relatively short walk (though there are a fair few potholes between, and I might be looking to move. In saying that, I might still link up with Sydney).

40c a day in footfall? Wow, that doesn’t sound too great.

lol, yes there’s a few dodgy bits between Sydney and Newcastle to traverse - could always make a road but don’t want to force a settlement merger. Funny thing is, in real life I live in Newcastle but the settlement was already named Sydney when I moved in so I just kept it the same once I became the warden.

Feel free to sell all the oort you need to my baskets and grab a portal if you move too far away.

40c per visitor, and it’s not unusual to get only a single visitor, although not so much since posting this thread.
The reason I gave up the road was due to the settlement merging, but now I’ve accepted the fact that I would be better off merging anyway.

I just realised Canberra (or was it Townsville?) is gone, so I might look at settling there. Some dude has claimed half the mountain top, but it looks like a newbie with only 6 plots, so hopefully they dry up pretty soon. Not sure if that might be too far away to merge with Sydney though tbh.

Also we assumed you must have been a Sydney yuppy haha. We have a shack out at Glendale. We’re basically neighbours IRL too haha

If you opened up another portal or two to your place you’d probably get more footfall. I haven’t been by your place but that’s because you’re only connected to PS. I never seen any stores only connected to that network.

Also if you are looking for a new place to live my town on sorissi has plenty of room to build. I can make roads to nearby areas too. Order of Oortian is the name. We have portals at ps sorissi, hubit sorissi, Ultima eresho, hunt hive, code gleam, and the footfall co-op

where are they cheaper please?

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There aren’t. He’s a troll.

Thanks for the offer, I do appreciate it, but being Australian means I’m fairly well limited to only building on Aussie servers. Besides the normal lag from playing across the world, our internet generally sucks, since it’s running through 50 year old copper.

And I’m really not bothered by footfall. It’s barely a real shop, and isn’t even connected to a shopping hub. Just an unlabelled portal on a backwater planet hub.
There are lots of shops only connected to a single network, you’ve just never heard of them, so I’m one step ahead of those players at least hahaha :wink:

I make ~50,000 a day selling just shards, and I 100% guarantee the extra footfall would not cover the 13c per hour profit lost to maintain each additional portal.


Yeah, Canberra was pretty close by and disapeared only a couple weeks ago. It had the slide on the large mountainside.

Townsville was next to the Hubbit network, that also disapeared fairly recently… that place was pretty massive.

I’m sure we could connect you up with Sydney City so that you’re part of a city (one day a great city). If you use your guild you can still name your own settlement and be part of a larger one for the higher footfall rates.

Small world hey, we are practically neighbours, I’m out at Toronto these days :sunglasses:

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