Newcastle little shop

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Prices are definitely open for discussion.

Will have tons more stuff out soon™, just waiting on shop stands to finish cooking. Take a look upstairs and let me know if there’s anything that you’d like, and I can prioritise getting it out.
Will mostly be selling hunt loot, and it’s derivatives.

  • Expired exo Sentinel Crest seeds 500c each - Dark Turquoise
  • Regular world sentinel crest seeds 200c
  • Oort shards 13c
  • Snowballs 25c
  • Fresh essence 3c
  • Elemental Fusion 75c
  • Water 0.5c

Accessible via:

  • Lasaina PS hub, straight ahead when you come through the portal from Boori;
  • Sydney hub, SE corner of the main level;
  • Under the giant pink PS logo visible from almost anywhere on Lasaina. Entrance and elevator on the Western side of the mountain.