NewOrtian - New Players & All the Guilds

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Hey y’all!

I have founded the city NewOrtian. A town on Maryx on the east side of the TNT portal (Maryx Centre). I am hoping for it to be a paradise for new boundless players and a recruitment canter for any guild that would like to join. My concept is as follows.

The town will be split into residential plots, info
Centers, small shops and guild recruitment halls

Residential plots are open to all players but lower level players will be prioritized.

Info plots (suggestions welcome) will consist of info for various boundless activities (mining, farming, crafting etc.) and will be full of helpful tips and tricks. This may also include small museums (like the chisel museum that is in the works).

Shops - I would prefer not many high level shops move in. We currently have one “new player” specific shop being built and I think I would prefer to cap it there. All other shops would preferably be run by the new players themselves to facilitate trade between each other while they all get used to the game.

Guild recruitment centers - this is my favorite part. I would like as many guilds as possible to take a 3x3 section and build a mini “guild hall” with info about their communities and why players may want to join them. This may lead to some fun friendly competition.

I hope you all are interested in joining this venture! If you come across any new players PLEASE point them our way!!


What are the coordinates on Maryx? That could help as well id be interested in checking it out while I fill in my atlas.

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Shop for newbies is ready! Tell your recently arrived citizens to come take a look :wink:


This is on Maryx?

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Looks great :+1:

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Maryx Centre is located in the “Center” at 2304 N, -2304 E
Also its the TNT Maryx Portal.


i’ll make a zebra empire one!

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PM me here in the forums when you’ll be online and I’ll come free you a space!

Lot of newbies building their houses, and some of theem seem to be gathering peat :grin:

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Heya I have a fully equipped zone on Maryx with a player center roads for farming care to work together we can install informational buildings and farming aids its allready build this place would be cool to put it to use I happily align to your guild and ff aswell maybe a nice cheap portal at your place and I add more roads on my side plus try find farm experts for info buildings @MrSgtPeppers and maybe offer tools for farming maybe you run a faction where people can ask questions plus you will receive all ff from this place to help aswell all I want is one cooked berry a month lol I’ll fuel portal aswell if needed it’s near the gleampeople

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Just our of curiosity is this place you are talking about one that has a barn?

dont think so its this place