News: Announcing the content of our biggest release yet: New Characters, Creatures and Combat!

Here it is! :confetti_ball:

This is the finalised list of what’s we’ll be releasing in the next update to Oort Online. And as I’m sure you’re all well aware, we’ve been working on this one for a while.

:zero: :one: New Characters - Now we have characters! You can now choose between masculine and feminine player models

:zero: :two: Character Customisation - There’s a few different really expressive head options to choose from

:zero: :three: New Creatures - Spitter and Livestock creatures have full, detailed models and now spawn across all worlds

:zero: :four: New Animation - Characters and creatures now animate and feel alive in 1st and 3rd person

:zero: :five: New Tools - Hammer, Axe, Shovel and Chisel are all beautifully modelled

:zero: :six: New Weapons - The Slingbow, Arrow and Explosive Arrow (!) are all painstakingly modelled

:zero: :seven: New Equipment - Grapping Hook has been beautifully AND painstakingly modelled

:zero: :eight: New Items - New items have been added including consumables like Raw and Cooked Meat, and recipe items like Essences.

:zero: :nine: New UI - Brand new Inventory, Crafting, HUD and Menu interfaces using a fancy new GUI system

:one: :zero: Usability - New super-smart block placement logic (we’re proud of this one, it’s cool)

:one: :two: New 1st Person Assets - You now see what your character is holding in 1st person

:one: :three: New 3rd Person Assets - Other players can now see what you’re holding

:one: :four: New Damage System - The game is now powered by a godlike damage system! Capable of dealing different damage types to blocks, players, creatures and more. Essential for exciting sandbox behaviours to come.

:one: :five: Other cool things - New weather effects like thunder and lightning, Creatures now collide as physics objects, updated spawning logic for creatures, attack melee using tools, and lots more

:one: :six: Bugs - We’ve tried to fix at least as many bugs as we’ve introduced in this release

I know, I know: “But when is it coming out though, Ben?”. We’ll be providing more information on that soon, but the fact we’re talking about it should be a clue that it’s not too far off.

This update introduces a large amount of art assets and animations as well as a lot of important behind-the-scenes changes to the base fundamentals. So many changes to systems has made this one a * bleep * to get out the door, but we’re really excited to finally let you all get your hands on it.

While we’re talking about features, here’s a vague idea of what to expect next:

:clock1: Coming soonish: Chests, Beacons, more creatures, full input remapping, tools, weapons and content.

:clock1130: Coming laterish: more races, progression and other meta-level systems, fully native C++ build

:clock10: Coming neverish: bacon flavour blocks, physics based creature snot simulation, the return of Lester

As always, throw your questions in the comments and shovel some coal into the hype train :train: on Twitter/Facebook/Bebo/MySpace/AOL Messenger/tin-can-and-string

RIP :lester:

Update: Added reference to full input remapping to coming soon.





We will make a mod then. The Lester mod which turns everything into lesters.


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First I read beacon flavour blocks and just couldn’t figure out what it was xD
But glad to see progress^^

OMFG this is awesome! :smiley:

But OH NOES rip Lester :’(

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Ooooooh, exciting as ever, this will be a cool one to jump into.

How about the QA video?

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So much Awesome in this post!!!

But…where are the chests? to put stuff in? they are not going to be in this update? :disappointed:


As long as we can eventually cook mo’pig bacon, this is forgiveable


I’m just wonder what happened to item :one: :one:


is the the item for the CHESTS? maybe?

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Feature 11: Removed Herobrine.


*Hero’Pig /Mo’Brian

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The QA video?

Just a minute … I know what to do.

What were we talking about again?


Please say that here will be an equally as big trailer video showcasing the update? I’ve been working on a Montage compiling all of the trailers that are out. It should be out soon, but I would love to use some newer forage!

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Does the new damage system allow for different amounts of damage to be dealt depending on where you hit a mob? Like you hit the face and it hurts a lot more than on a leg. Maybe some debuffs based on where it’s- hit(censored me ._.), like slowed if hit on leg, etc.