Requirements and limitations of Player versus Player collision

Absolutely amazing that you´ve added this. Will player characters also collide with each other or will you handle it like in The Elder Scrolls Online where only player-creature collision was enabled?


This, i would like to know too.

Player vs creature only for now, player vs player collision is an undecided controversial issue. Discuss! (Maybe make a thread for it?)


Can you give us some help though? how much effort/work time would it take to make player vs player colission? does that have to be taken into consideration? or just purely a matter of ‘‘advantages vs disadvantages’’

Whats the point of player vs player colission? IMO it would be kinda annoying :confused:

  1. same reason as creature player collision, to make it feel more impactful, ever tried ESO before it had player creature collision? all enemies felt like ghosts, its especially important in the case of PVP since there is no lock on target.

  2. interesting attack plans/offenses defenses

for example turtle formation

or back to back fighting

3) Forcing builders to think of people AS actual people,

for example if you have a place with many people visiting you need to make sure that the space is open enough for people to move and be there, adding interesting elements

  1. People stacking! imagine climbing a mountain using a stair formation of people, would be epic xD

however there are downsides, the biggest being ‘‘Door blockers’’ who will stand so you cant enter or leave just to ■■■■ you off, however that could be worked around in myriad of ways, for example a force move? (Fus Ro-Dah!)


That would allow people to push other people in holes and stuff though :confused:

(Put it in a new thread please!)

as i said, multiple ways of doing it, everything can be used for griefing

‘‘you can dig a hole’’ = ‘‘people can dig under you’’
‘‘you can pull enemies’’ = ‘‘people might pull enemies into you’’

etc etc…

you really dont mind people moving through eachother? nothing quite as amazing as ghosts yeah? especially in this game with no tab targeting

Move it into a new thread please.

ghosting through players doesn’t
affect me at all personally. Adding another opportunity to grief someone wont help at all to the problem. I can’t see how this will work well in a crowded setting though. When I want to shop for things. I wouldn’t want to go through a mob just to get to the weapons stall. Nor would I want to push others out of the way like in assassin’s creed and fable. Also, how will I get to treasure chests/drops if there are already 10 people crowding around it?

I still like the idea of player vs player collision. I just don’t see how it will work well in crowded situations.

My general thoughts:

No collision = no opportunities for sandbox fun :thumbsdown:
Collision = opportunities for sandbox fun :thumbsup:


For this I’m on Zouls side. All the things you just listed are times where the player vs player collision makes the situation more immersive^^ I mean a market place doesn’t feel crowded at all if you can just walk through everyone.
Now that I think about it. That’s something that always bothered me in other MMOs. I came to this huge place with many people and you thought hey there are quite a lot of people. But after that you just ended up running through everyone. And it was kind of disconnecting from the world. As if you were in a parallel dimension which didn’t allow physical interaction.
The crowded market place transformed into a place where you could buy what you needed and your fellow ghosts could do the same. But it didn’t feel crowded anymore.


The problem with Player versus Player collisions is that the game can’t predict remote player movements. This means that we’ll never be able to hide latency issues when players collide. We can do Player versus Player impacts, ie. a player instantly shoves another player. But not a continuous push.

(@lucadeltodecso would need to explain / confirm / deny for more details or options.)


Yea if there are technical issues with the whole thing then that changes a lot.
I think all the arguments were under the assumption you could make it work^^

You do have a point. I guess i’m just that get the groceries and go on with my life kind of guy ^^’. Walking through players rarely ruins the immersion for me since I’m all for convenience.

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well to be fair, i asked that to start with, but i didnt get an answer.

I totally understand what you mean, this is one of the things where its a sort of ‘‘Convenience vs immersion’’ factor, not having it would be more convenient, however kuma wrote it brilliantly when he said ‘‘the room full of people just didnt feel crowded anymore’’

Yep - understood. But as ever it’s a trade off between quality and features. It can be made to work - but there will be glitches (and sometimes they will be significant.)

Options are:

  1. No collisions
  2. Impulses (a momentary force / impact)
  3. Continuous collision

I think #1 and #2 are possible with reasonable stability. But #3 will have latency issues.

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so #2 would be like you bounce into someone? and #3 like you’d push someone?