Requirements and limitations of Player versus Player collision

Thats sort of how i read it

i would personally prefer full collision, but if there is a technical limitation i guess there arent much to be done

If continous collision would glitch out too much, I could live with impulse collision. I mean with the example of a market. You would just bounce back if you couldn’t get through somewhere. That would be enough immersion for me.
It would still be better than no collision^^

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I’m a fan of player collision in pvp, but every time I’ve seen it in a pve situation, its ended up being annoying, and a great opportunity for griefing.

The griefing tends to be of the “I’m going to block you from entering this building” variety. Maybe allow beacons to turn off player vs player collision?

while i understand why you would say that… it would kinda ruin the point no? as i said earlier, having to change how buildings look so they can accomodate multiple people would be one really interesting aspect of the game, if you remove that, then you remove one of the coolest possible parts of the thing :smile:

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I would like to understand the specific bandwidth requirements for fully-immersive PvP collision as I think this would be THE differentiating factor for Oort Online.

Imagine the thought process when nearing a big city… which route should I take, which “streets” are crowded, etc.With an expanded day/night cycle, you could plan trips to the market at certain times of day which are less busy than others, etc.

Maybe make the collision an option at the world level? Or maybe PvP worlds are collide-able and PvE are not?

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Generally I´m against players pushing around each other. IMO collision between players should mean that the player character acts as a solid wall for other players. I´d even take some latency issues for that :smile:

Could you please explain that with a bit more detail? Would impulse collision mean that i get pushed back a bit if I run against another player or would the other player get pushed a bit while I move through him?

I think collision (no matter how it gets implemented if it does) should always be active while you are ‘outside’ since you can always just dig around a player that is blocking your path but I think it should be a toggleable option for beacons. This would allow people who like immersion to build an “RP” beacon but also allow people who like the convenience of no collision to ignore that feature.

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AFAIK its more of a latency concern. The game has to predict mob/player movement in order to make collision feel natural.

Mobs are easier to predict, as the client can run the same or a similar simulation that the server is.

Players are much more difficult to predict (e.g. impossible in many situations). When a prediction fails, the game has to adjust for that, which means warping/snapping players around at some point after collision or predicted collision.


Imagine all of us on grappling hooks with player vs player collision. Human wrecking ball.s.

(■■■■■ is censored? :frowning:)


I think you’ve just invented a new sport!

I instantly thought of the multiplayer map from portal 2 where you have to make 2 portals, jump at the same time and hit midair to stop all momentum

question that would have to be asked though if they added it

what would happen if you fall unto another player, do you take dmg, does he take dmg, do you both take dmg or non of you take dmg?


I would assume so since it’s collision. It would be interesting to actually charge through a mob in pvp.

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I would like to have player to player collision only in combat, cuz for normal situations (building, moving throgh doors, …) it can get quite annoying and opens much room for trolling and griefing. But for combat it just opens tactical options like blocking the way into a fort or stop from fleeing :wink:


I think if players acted as a kind of repulsive force towards each other it would be cool. Like nothing happens if you are a block away, but once you’re touching them both people get pushed back a bit. I don’t think it would have as noticeable latency issues as #3 that @james said, and would be a bit less choppy than #2.

Annoying, but very functional and realistic. It also keeps combat from getting too hectic, as you wont have players inside of eachother while they fight. Bumping into someone when you’re fighting them is a critical part of any game that wants to have any sort of decent combat. I’m pretty sure every single multiplayer game that is popular has this feature. That said, it’s nice to have an exception when it comes to your teammates/ clan members / friends.


Well not to mention that it keeps things from getting out of hand. You shouldn’t be able to stand inside of your enemy while you hack them to death with a spoon amirite?!


For games with more active combat styles (Tera, Wildstar, etc), you can get away without having player collision - while still incenting players to move around and not stack inside mobs

good points. I also was thinking mostly of fps games, but in a mmo ish game like oort things probably dont have to be as strict.